During routine sensor scanning of the Stroggos surface, a strong energy emission has been picked up, apparently emanating from a mountain region of the planet previously assumed of scarce strategic value. After scouting the area where the emission was detected, we have discovered a large, fortified complex built into a deep valley surrounded by towering peaks. Data in our possession suggest that the site houses a Reactor similar to the one that empowered the Big Gun in Cerberon. Unfortunately, the device happens to be buried deep under the ground, thus rendering an air strike ineffective. It will be your task to infiltrate this notable example of self-sufficient Strogg settlement, codenamed Citadel, in order to locate and destroy that Reactor. A successful mission will bring another critical blow to the Strogg, and probably remove any chance they have to reorganize their war machine.

Citadel v3 0
Du}{ - - 442 comments

My favourite mission pack <3

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Y4R1L0 - - 20 comments

One of the best unofficial MP for Q2 ever I played!!!!!

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Guest - - 687,512 comments

This is a great improvisation with new weapons and enemies. I played this game, could not proceed to main complex after returning from robotics facility. The next sequence didnot load and the game interrupted abruptly moving to the command prompt. Seek suggestions from the community to resolve

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RoclorD - - 42 comments

I've posted upscaled monster and weapon pack for Citadel with some recommendations here:

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RangerXT123 - - 11 comments

any chance this could be updated to work with the remaster?

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StygianEmperor - - 23 comments

seconding this, i'm starving for more stuff to do in the rerelease

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eqagunn - - 24 comments

Played through The Citadel in Remaster and these issues were progress stopping:
- Data Center: The force field buttons don't work. Had to noclip through them.
- Ore Deposit: The exit stays barred. Had to noclip through it.
- Robotics Facility: The boss doesn't spawn. Had to noclip through blue force fields.
- Barracks: Disabling magnetic locks doesn't open the door. Had to noclip through it.
- Power Plant: Elevator in reactor room doesn't lower. Had to noclip.
There are multiple other issues. Most notable being the Mutant in Ore Deposit not dropping the Mystery Key making it impossible to deactivate the red force field in Power Plant. If you give yourself Pyramid Key via console it does nothing.

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