A multiplayer map where you can't just attack straight away. You have to level up your forces first, before you're even able to reach something to fight. There's also three neutral creatures somewhere on the map (you can't reach them at first) that will come in very handy when leveled up. All three princes make an appearance, as well. I accidentally made Player 1 own the Hero Gate. Not that it makes a difference. To install extract the files to your Dungeon Keeper 2 Maps folder (first open the DKII folder, go into Data and go into the Editor folder. You'll be able to see the maps folder). Then play it. PS: How are you supposed to play this game on multiplayer? I can't work out how. I know it's possible but I don't know how to do it. Any help would be appreciated.

Silencian Author

Oh, and the neutral rooms in the corners are there in case you play against an AI - you HAVE to have a combat pit to get your creatures up to a level that you are able to attack. Some AIs, notably the Master Keeper, leave combat pits until after everything else. There isn't room for that, on this map.

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