Author: Greybeard. Size 50 X 30, File Size 6.0mb (includes both maps), Minimum Ram 128Mb, Max Players 7. This is a large map which does a more than decent job (if I do say so myself) of recreating the actual atoll. This map uses Cavedog Archipelago and Chinahook's archipelago completion (beta) tilesets. Land units can traverse the shallow areas, but many of the smaller ones will be almost completely submerged and their weapons will not work until they hit land. This leads to interesting tactics that change over time, as level one land units can easily be destroyed when mostly submerged, but the larger level2 and level3 units have both more armor and can tend to fire back as they are larger and their firepoints tend to be above the water level. The map is graphically attractive, at least until the lovely archipelago forests start to burn

Bikini Atoll V1 and V2
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