BF 109 G-14 FLYABLE PACK This patch corrects a bug that did not allow to fly in the campaign mode with the Bf 109G-14. Also added: New hangar for the Bf 109 G-14, New HD train with 2 passenger wagons, New textures for airports (hangars, barracks, headquarters etc ...), New PATCH EAW128c MP02 (file exe). ...

[Obsolete] Bf109 G 14 Flyable Pack

Hi Modred big thanks for the update it really fixed Bf109G-14 and I was able to end my LW campaign! The only bug I noticed is one that came with this new "EAW128c MP02.exe" so if you delete your "eaw.ini" and start game to generate a new one the new "eaw.ini" generated by "EAW128c MP02.exe" bug the game and everytime you start any mission the game crashes so the only way to play the game is using an old "eaw.ini" generated by original 1.28C eaw.exe (My game is running fine using my old eaw.ini with new EAW128c MP02.exe) :D

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-Modred- Author

OK, thanks 1000. :-)
I'm glad you could finish your campaign.
I hadn't considered this aspect of the "eaw.ini" file. I always thought that we would have used the "eaw.ini" file installed with the first version of the mod and not that we would have deleted the "ini" file to regenerate it from the game.
Thanks for the tip.

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