This map is based off TFC's Avanti. Layout and gameplay is pretty much identical. The theme is based off the original. Objective: Blue team starts as the attacker. Red team starts as the defender. The attacking team starts at the bottom of the hill and must take control of the town by moving uphill and taking control of Command Points sequentially. The defending team simply tries to hold out as long as they can. Once the attackers succeed, teams swap, and play begins again. Command Points are captured by taking the flag from the previous point and carrying it to the next. When a Command Point is secured, the flag required to capture the next Command Point appears on top of it. For example, the flag needed to capture Command Point 3 will always spawn at Command Point 2. There is a wall of the Church that can be breached by applying enough damage to it. Stickies will work the best. Dropped flags return after 15 seconds.

Avanti - Invade and Defend
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