[spoiler]A Mod project for Rome Total War II. Goals I want to reach is to balance out the Spartans and make them the best looking infantry of the whole game, like it's supposed to be. I like variations in faces, crests and maybe some tunic colours, but not as much for helmets and armours. So this Mod got not much variation between each Unit in one troop. Because I like the organised looking Spartan hoplites! Anbd my Spartan Units are realy beast! just check them out. So in the future maybe the Spartan Units stats will be edited too. But I need help on this, would be nice to make this a great project with as much people that like to help and got a little experience in editing stats or even add more Units to spartan roster! Help much apreciated. I will try to get better on changing colours and so on, all about the reskining, so I need Modders that can edit Unit Stats and add new Units! Just PM me and we will see further. Now enjoy Ancient Sparta Mod (Until now only Reskin Pack)[/spoiler]

Ancient Sparta Mod

wrong game

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Yeah true but somehow when searching for Rome 2 it doesnt finds it? Any suggestions?

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Don't upload it here

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works for my rome total war game

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how you do it work, pleas tell me, because that is for rome II

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