Around 90 totally new monsters, Changes in data of all previous monsters. Every single one has boosted stats and maybe even faster walking/swing/hit recovery speed. None of the monsters found in the mod decrease your life permanently as Black Deaths do in regular Diablo, so don't worry. Diablo will always drop a magical item or book. Game also doesn't end at the moment you kill him. Many Base item changes, Item prefix/suffix changes, 16 new prefixes and 6 new suffixes, Spell changes, Shrine changes (no more mana reducing shrines, but tainted shrines still exist), Quest changes (Moved The Butcher to dlvl 3 and King Leoric to dlvl 4), and many miscellaneous changes to starting characters, F1-F4 can be assigned to spells now (although F1 ect doesn't actually appear on the spell, rest assured it works), Adria's and Wirt's locations in town has been changed. Changed graphics and sounds of various items and happenings. Changed the ending movie to something new, and Max resistance is 70%.

Abysmal v2
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