Basic map for deathmatch skirmish between 2 players, where the only way to get to the enemy is through a gladiator arena or by breaking gaia walls. Good for Spartan-type battles or for non-stop bloodbath battling fun. Enjoy, and feel free to let me know what you think in the comments.

A Gladiator's Arena (2)
Adolf_Spritzer Author

I probably uploaded incorrectly, as far as linking to a mod or game; hope it passes the admin's test. Not sure why it would not allow me to link it to the 0 A.D. game only (the ONLY option it allowed me was to link it to 2 addon projects that are not released yet !??!).... yet these are simple .xml and .pmp map files that, when copied to the appropriate directory, will add "A Gladiator's Arena (2)" to the regular map lists (without having to go through the Mod Selection or anything).
When placed in "Skirmishes" Directory, it allows the host player to set everything between 2 players (Host chooses Civs, Pop Cap, Starting Resources, etc). And when copied into the "Scenarios" Directory it does not allow any changes (Civs are random, pop is 300 capped, resources are low, no ceasefire, no reveled or explored map, etc).

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