From the bustling ports of Marienburg to the brazen walls of Altdorf, the lands of the Old World are in turmoil. Chaos and heresy chokes the cities and villages of the Empire and hordes of beasts roam the dark woodlands. As shadow wraps its iron fists around the beating heart of the Fauschlag, a young man must walk the narrow pathway to his destiny- yet the path between Chaos and Order is a fickle one. A total conversion for Bethesda Softwork's Oblivion, Shattered Lineage plans to recreate the epic, gritty world of Warhammer. Armies collide and the sharp of ringing of steel on steel rises high into the ash-ridden skies. Prepare yourself for the tumultuous tale of Shattered Lineage!

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What we are looking to do with in this mod we hope you like our ideas and we look forward to getting more ideas from you guys the players.

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This mod is about placing everything we love about warhammer into oblivion engine. (btw this mod may need a beefy computer to run on)
some of the things we hope to accive in this mod:

  1. New races ( we hope to create new races such as the Skaven and Orkz we will most likely recycle old models for other races)
  2. New weapons we will create new weapons they will be race based as well as profession so orkz can only use ork weapons and elfs can only use elfs weapons)
  3. new world ( we hope to recreate the world in the image of the world of warhammer)
  4. New story line we hope to make the story line based on your race which might be a first in oblivion which would see your character becoming a champion on your race.
  5. Battlefield we hope to create full scale battles between races, in which you can take part in.
  6. use able seige weapons
  7. full scale economy (possiblity)
  8. godly intervention ( determining what sign/gods you believe in say you believe in the chaos gods and you kill 4 soldier with in 10 seconds Khorne will reward you will invunlalbility for 1 minute) (another possiblility)
  9. New Armor 
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