This mod focuses on the forgotten battle of Budapest 1944-45.One of the longest & bloodiest sieges of WW2. I've been workring on the mod since 2011,learning the background story,visiting the actual places,studying the true,untold story of the siege.One of my goals is to bring a whole new gaming experience to the game with:ultra-realistic detailed maps by visiting the actual battlegrounds,trying to Re-create the 40's Budapest...Realistic missions,based on true events,Hungary,as a huge new faction with realistic units,names and voices,Realistic Romanian faction added,Germans split to 5 classes,feldherrnhalle division,florian geyer division,22nd SS Volunteer Cavalry Division Maria Theresia,The Luftwaffe and Mixed German class...A new creative way of making maps..The main goal is to told the sad and long-fogotten story of these brave soldiers who fought and died for their country,even though they knew that they were outnumbered,encircled and cut from any supplies in a bloody 3 months hell.

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Today i will show the graphical improvements i have been working on with demonstration from the Konrad operation Levels. Enjoy! :)

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Hey there loyal Siege fans & New welcomers! :)

Üdvözlet minden kedves Ostrom rajongónak és újoncnak itt az oldalon! :)

First of all, Thank you for all the positive replies & comments.I'm glad to see you guys appreciate my work,means a lot to me.
Also lot of comments asking when,how ect...Please understand the mod is still in progress,be a little patient guys, I promise the outcome will worth it!

Konrád Hadműveletek

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Today i wanted to show the graphical improvements i have been working on with demonstration from the Budapest relief attempts Konrad I,II,III.

Wiking Totenkopf advance 1

The main forces participating in the offensive were the 5th SS Panzer Division Wiking and the 3rd SS Panzer Division Totenkopf.

Wiking Totenkopf advance Conrad

Desperat fight in the Pilis Mountains,Konrad II,to break the lines of the encircled Budapest.

WikingTotenkopf A konrad 1 es

TotenkopfWiking In a forest Kon

In the Konrad II,the germans were 21 kilometers away from Budapest where they could see the lights of the fightning when they were ordered to retreat.This was the last Hope of the defenders too..

SS General Gille and his troops didn't understand the order but a few miles away the the russians were prepearing to encircle them...the germans went up crying to the Dobogókő one last time where they could saw the burning teeples of Budapest.

Budapest már csak 21 kilométerre volt, a támadók látták a főváros harci fényeit. Budapest védőinek is ez volt az utolsó reménye.
Este nyolckor azonban a támadásra készülő IV. hadtest parancsot kapott a visszavonulásra. A német katonák nem értették a parancsot, még utoljára felmentek a Dobogókőre, és sírva néztek Budapest felé, amelynek templomtornyai a ködből is kiemelkedve szinte kézzel foghatónak látszottak.

Dobogókő 1945 Totenkopf

Meanwhile in Budapest....

Budapest ostroma után

Budapest battle aftermath

Dead bodies budapest battle

Reatriting Germans after the failed last relief attempt the Konrad III.

Visszavonuló Németek az utolsó sikertelen Budapest felmentéséért folytatott kisérletben a Konrád III-ben.

Operation Konrad Failed

Thank you once again for the positive replies and support guys! :)

Stay tuned for more ! :)

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