This mod will start were the original Half Life2 episode 2 ended, with the death of Alyx her father. She became sick by the loss and layes in bed. Magnusson needs Gordon to look for Kleiner, because he has disapeared. The last time he did see Kleiner was when he spoke about going to the Borealis to blow the ship and everything inside up. Gordon needs to travel by airplane to the North pole and find Kleiner, and save the ship. Will you be on time? And will you find out what the secret cargo is that is inside the ship?

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I reviewed it at RunThinkShootLive, this is the most revelant excerpt: The layouts are messy and confusing. There is no such thing as cover, some enemies shoot you from impossible to spot locations, and there are some unnecessary mazes. The criteria for decorative vs functional buttons and/or doors is strange too. And the music tracks are of very different styles from each other and hardly match the game momentum. I loved the flares and halos though!

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I think Leon did a good job on the mod yet the problem I find with it is that it just doesn't have a Half-Life feel to it much at all. I'm okay with some of the changes then others like the combine don't make sense, at least make a story around why these things have suddenly changed then it would make more sense and I would have given this mod a higher rating but overall it is a good mod I hope Leon doesn't get trashed for the lack of HL theme.

Mar 3 2016 by gewolf140