The Bay of Pigs invasion was the amphibious landing of anti-revolutionary troops in Cuba. Organized by CIA operatives the invasion was a failure and helped define relations between Cuba and the United States for Years to come.

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This series of articles is going to showcase the weapons used by both sides during the invasion that are going to be featured in the mod.

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This series of articles are going to showcase the weapons used by both sides during the invasion that are going to be featured in the mod.

To start the series lets talk about the rifles. Many were used by both sides, from Bolt-Actions, like the Springfield 1903 or the Mosin, to modern select fire weapons like the FN-FAL.

M1 Garand

The M1 Garand rifle was developed in the 1930's, being adopted as the standard rifle for the US Military around 1936. It was widely used during World War 2, and it was already spreading throughout the world during that conflict, specially in Latin America, through the Lend Lease program.

During the Cuban revolution the M1 Garand was the standard rifle for both the Rebels and the Cuban Army. As for the time of the Bay of Pigs invasion, the Cuban were already adopting new rifles, but it was widely used by the invading exiles.

The M1 Garand is a semi-automatic gas operated rifle in the caliber .30-06. It's loaded with 8 round "en-bloc" clips, and makes a distinct "ping" sound when fully emptied.

M1941 Johnson

The Johnson semi-auto rifle was developed in 1939 by Melvin Johnson, with the intention of it being adopted as a standard weapon for the US military. However the M1 Garand was already being issued to the troops.

The Johnson rifle ended up being issued to the US Marines after a order of a few thousands for the belgians became stuck in the United States during World War 2. The rifle saw some use in the Pacific Theather, but never became as iconic as the Garand.

Due to a large amount of Johnson rifles being available in 1960's, it was adopted as a "standard" weapon for the CIA trained exiles. It was issued with bayonets and a scoped version was also available.

The M1941 Johnson is a semi-automatic, recoil operated rifle. It has a internal, non detachable, 10 round circular magazine, that can be loaded with 5 round Springfield clips or single rounds. It fires the same .30-06 ammunition that the M1-Garand.


The FN FAL was developed by the belgian arms manufacturer company Fabrique Nationale de Herstal, it is a select fire battle rifle, designed to fire the NATO standard 7,62x51mm ammo. It was adopted by several countrys as a standard rifle during the Cold War.

In Cuba the FAL was already in use,in small numbers, by the Rebels during the Revolution. And it was being delivered at the island during the 1960's, with intention to make it the standard infantary weapon of the Cuban army and militias.In 1961 the FAL was widespread in the Cuban Revolutionary Armed Forces.

Several pictures show FAR soldiers and MNR militiamen carring FALs during the Bay of Pigs invasions.

The FN FAL is a select fire gas operated weapon, it can be fired at both full auto and semi automatic modes. Its loaded with a 20 round detachable box magazine.



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