Synergies is a end game raid expansion and balance mod for Torchlight 2 that won EDITORS CHOICE BEST OVERHAUL: 2013 in the MOTY AWARDS!

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With a homage to my favorite author I introduce Synergies Thrice Locked chest quest line, the introduction to tier1 soulcrafting within Synergies!

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The Thrice locked chest quest line takes the player through 9 new boss encounters found within Darknessfalls raid instance! The player will travel across Fahakin infested lands, the Nethermill and into the Nether itself while on their journey!

You will find Reghir the quest giver in the southern reaches of Darknessfalls, in order to acquire his quest you must have talked to Drek in Tablemountain previously.

Reghir's first quest will find the player completing "Creating a Diversion" as they hunt Sord'its the Fahakin General within the raid instance.

After Sord'its is slain the player will return to Reghir and collect the first of the keys.

The second quest is the players chance to hunt Abe the skeletal pirate (named after TL2 level developer) in "To relieve the Torment"

Abe is no normal Pirate, he has been trapped for eternity within Darknessfalls as punishment for his turning upon his once rulers, the Fahakin. In order to deal with Abe you must help him become human by defeating his Spectral and skeletal forms, and then finally put him out of his misery by ending his mortal life forever!

With Abe out of the way the player will receive the second key, and open up the next of the quests "To kill a King"

To kill a king takes the player on a hunt to defeat the Troll king before his forces can free him from his imprisonment. Located in a cellar on the west side of Darknessfalls the player must clear a new segment of the raid dungeon in order to gain entrance. Once inside the Troll King goes through various stages until the player finally pushes him into a rage that triggers the final show down. Killing the kings advisors and Ancient Warhound during the rage will stop his stacking buffs from being applied.

With Jal'kor removed the player returns to Reghir and gains the 3rd key in the chain. At this point the player can take the first three keys, and visit the Transmuter which stands just south of Reghir. Putting all three keys into the combiner window they can create the first of the Golden keys!

And thus the player has crafted the First of 3 golden keys. They must follow this routine for 6 more quests, every 3 keys transmutes into a golden key, and at the end, the golden keys transmute themselves into the Thrice pronged Golden Key.

After the Troll king is dealt with the player moves on to dealing with the evil dragons the Fahakin have trapped and enslaved to their desires.

in "To kill a Dragon Killer" the player will find themselves on a platue defending a golden dragon named Nysygarr from the Dragon killer Tor'hez.

Tor'hez spawns amongst a large contingent of Fahakin warriors and mages. The fight is like nothing you have seen in Torchlight, and while potentially taxing older computers its chaotic tempo will have you frantically trying to slay the Fahakin while juggling threat towards yourself and your allied dragons!

With Tor'hez dead, and hopefully Nysygarr still alive, you gain another key and move on to the Dragon Tower fight. A re-invisioned fight from the leveling process where you once fought Vyrax. This time the fight is with Rhoeth and Rylss a ancient Red and Black dragon team and the quest is called "To be a Dragon Killer".

The fight sees the dragons swapping places throughout, coming to each others aid and driving the player closer and closer to death with each pass. A blue dragon constantly hovers over the battlefield, strafing the player with fireballs as well.

After dealing with the Double dragons and gaining the 5th key the player gets the chance to take vengeance upon the lurking blue dragon with the quest called "To slay the DragonLord".

Rak'Var is no pushover. His summoning portal lays just north of Reghir and the fight takes place within the raid instance itself. The fight is a 3 phased fight, fighting Rak'Var and his horde of blue dragons, then his humanoid form and then fighting Rak'Var again with the help of Reghir in his dragonform himself!

Once Rek'Var is slain the player gains the 6th key, and is able to transmute the last 3 into the second golden key!

With the Dragons out of the way the player is instructed to attack the Nethermill itself. A zone to the north of Darknessfalls where the Executioner and Warlock await.

in "Execute the Executioner" The player faces off against the Executioner, a two staged fight. It is important to note that the zone debuffs within the Nethermill are stronger then the rest of Darknessfalls. You may have to gear slightly stronger Damage resistance to succeed here!

With the Executioner dead the player returns to Darknessfalls and gains the 7th key, then must return to the Nethermill, pass where the Executioner spawned and fight the warlock in "The Nether Menace".

The Nether Warlock is a 4 staged fight. First you must kill his familiars as he shifts through the stages of Warlock mastery: Hellfire, Mana Burned and finally Nether Void. Once the first three stages are dealt with the master takes full form and you can kill him so long as none of his pets are resummoned, if they, deal with them first, then back to the warlock!

Defeating the warlock gives the player the 8th key, and opens the quest to the final show down "Slay the Subjugator"

This leads the player into the Nether itself! Within the Nether the player must locate the Hellfire, and bring it back to the spawning point to light the 5 pillars found there. Once they are lit the Syrel'Khan the Netherlord will spawn to do battle.

While fighting Syrel'Khan the player must constantly kill all Tentacles he summons for while they live, he is undamagable. His NetherCasters can be ignored but they will quickly gain numbers and threaten to overwhelm the player, a high Missile Reflection ability is needed for this fight!

salan Author

With this fight complete the player gains the 9th and final key, transmuting the last 3 into the third Golden key!

With all three golden keys the player transmutes them into the Thrice Pronged golden key!

The player can now finally Open the Thrice locked chest! Within the player will find 1 uncut Soulstone, 1 Angelic Soul, and 1 random Soulstone.

The uncut Soulstone can be combined with the players choice of Soulstone Catalysts to create any 1 Soulstone they desire.

The Soulstones themselves can be combined with a angelic soul and infused for use within the Embersteps Soulforges!

Each Soulforge will enchant any tier1 armor piece with a 6% bonus towards whichever Soulforge was used.

Let the tier1 Soulcrafting begin!

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salan Author

The news allowance was not long enough for the last part..

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