A mod for hl2 Ep2 about a man who has to search for his lost memory throughout his situation of horrifying and haunting hallucinations. And if that's not the worst situation, he's also a wanted for a crime he did not commit! Also my first attempt at making a mod.

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Alpha version of the mod, all the current progress!

Suppressed Memory

Hey, I played through the whole alpha. So far so good.

My feedback is this:

Make it more obvious you need to break that brick wall with a hammer, that took me a solid 20 minutes to figure out. More ammo caches for the pistol. I ran out of ammo at the part where soldiers showed up, almost killed me. And make it more obvious that you turned the power on, like add env_sparks and ****, and lights turning on.

Overall I liked it so far, keep going.

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zurotio Author

I'm glad that you liked it, and also thanks for the feedback it's very helpful!

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hi, i follow your mod and i download it right now, i'm gonna give you feedback after i finish the alpha,but for what i see on the picture and the news, it looks good.:)

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zurotio Author

Happy to hear that, hope you enjoy what's there!

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So , i just finish your alpha. I like it , the atmosphere was great , like an horror games. Those zombie who just spawn in front of me make me scream haha ^^

But anyways, you need to add more ammo for the pistol , when the soldiers came i arrive to kill all of them except one , and i have to run on the room to the right to find some ammo. ( and i take a lot of damage from the soldier the time i figure where taking the ammo ) , about the generator , i think you need to add some sound to let us know that we activate it , and maybe a sentence like " power back online " . Also, please slow down the fog, it's a really fps killer , the effect is too high i think. It also need a story, but it's just an alpha , so i think you have some idea about the story. Keep up ! I hope my review help you and you can understand because i don't have a really great english, i'm french. ^^"

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zurotio Author

Brings me joy to hear that you enjoyed my mod!

I've actually added to the mod a bit but i haven't given out a second demo so basicly from what you gave in feedback has been "fixed" to already.
The thing that you did give me a look on is the fog. I myself don't have a problem with it but since you and maybe others have it then i'll reduce it.
The fog is built up by particles and it's quite a bit particles so maybe if i remove some it'll be fixed.

Also the story will be implemented when i'm done with all maps and layout.

I'm so happy to get feedback and yours showed me what can be improved so i thank you!

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Great, keep up the good work ! :)

You should change the description of the files are put an article about it to say that the problems we say like ammo for pistol , or the generator are now fix but not in this alpha, so people will not complain about that anymore.

About the fog, it's great if you can reduce the effect, i didn't have a great laptop( and i'm not gonna change it because i play much more on console like my ps4 ) so if you can reduce the effect to have less lag, it would be awesome ! :D

By the way , i want to suggest you to use some of the official soundtrack of the hl series( which can be download for free on steam ) for adding them to your mod, lie for example , the music called " something secret steers us " when you're gonna have a battle against combine soldiers ( not talking about the alpha, but for the final product).

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