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Now i will Show Soviet Tech Tree in RA2 New Age for War...

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Construction Yard --> Tesla Reactor and Barracks

Construction Yard + Barracks --> Sentry Gun and Wall

Construction Yard + Tesla Reactor --> Oil Refinery

Construction Yard + Oil Refinery --> War Factory and Navalyard

Construction Yard + War Factory --> Radar and Service Depot

Construction Yard + Radar --> Battle Lab and Flak Cannon

Construction Yard + Battle Lab --> Iron Curtain, Nuclear Missile Silo, Cloning Vats, Tesla Coil and Psychic Sensor

Construction Yard + Cloning Vats --> Oil Supply Facility

Barracks --> Conscript, Attack Dog, Engineer and Shock Trooper

Barracks + Radar --> Crazy Ivan, Flak Trooper and Terrorist (for Cuba only)

Barracks + Battle Lab --> Spy and Desolator or Yuri

Barracks + Battle Lab + Allied Stolen Tech --> Chrono Ivan

Barracks + Battle Lab + Soviet Stolen Tech --> Yuri Prime

Warfactory --> Terror Drone or Grinder (replaces Terror Drone for Cuba), Flak Track, Rhino Tank and MCV

Warfactory + Radar --> Twinblade and Tesla Tank or Demolotion Truck or Heavy Tank (Cuba doesn't have it)

Warfactory + Battle Lab --> V3 Launcher, Apocalypse and Kirov

Navalyard --> Giant Squid, Attack Sub and Ampfibious Transport

Navalyard + Radar --> Sea Scorpion

Navalyard + Battle Lab --> Drednaught

NOTE= This Tech Tree always gets updated when a new version of RA2 New Age for War uploads...

And also RA2 New Age for War REMASTERED 1.2 always reuploaded over and over again...

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