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Post news RSS Project now will focus on RA2 only and i will explain the 'FINAL VERSION' gameplay...

Project is suitable for RA2 only. Other games are unstable (even Yuri's Revenge)...

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So project will now focus on RA2 only. RA2 is more suitable for modding and balancing.


Now i will explain RA2 New Age for War 'FINAL VERSION' gameplay...

So... first of all...

If you are a C&C Generals or ZH player...

You might know this build limit on tech buildings.

So first of all... all radars (except airfields act like radar) and battlelabs now you can build only one and radars and airfields' cost increased.

Second of all now harvesters are cheap but weak.

This makes harvesters very important thing to defend until ore purifier and cloning vats.

And also ore refineries' cost decreased.

Seems familiar ?

Ofc it is. This final version is related to C&C Generals because of some stuff from my mod is similiar.

Now the next one.

You will realise that kirov airships and copters and also aircraft does take 100% damage from AA but light armored vehicles take less damage.

That's because of all copters and kirov and also aircraft carry none armor.

This allows making warheads way more easier.

Next one is Warheads.

In my mod heavy armored vehicles take 50% damage from anti-tank weapons.

Light armored vehicles take 100% damage from anti-tank weapons.

Medium armored vehicles (miners) take 75% damage from anti-tank weapons.

So basically the unit or building has the weakest armor in a group (infantry or vehicle or aircraft orr building group) take the most damage.

And the unit or building that has the strongest armor in a group takes less damage.

Ofc this logic relies on armor type and also depends on the warhead and also the weapon.

Another thing is each artillery now has mininum range.

This allows you to destroy enemy artillery from mininum range.

Another thing is tanks are no more strong against infantry when elite.

This allows infantry a very good advantage.

Another thing is tech tree is very similiar to tech tree concept of Generals.

Which is only power plant and barracks is available in the beggining.

Another thing is miners carry less now.

This fixes unbalanced primary ECO might happen if storage didn't fixed.

And also another thing is you will notice pillbox and sentry gun's cost increased.

That's because they are now anti-surface defenceses.

Pillbox fires missile and Sentry Gun fires two tank barrels at vehicles.

Now Chronosphere's and Iron Curtain's recharge time is same.

And Nuclear Missile Silo and Weather Control Device now needs to be used strategically.

And also mind control type weapons got nerfed.

This makes gameplay more enjoyable.

And also Tanya is now new stolen tech unit for Allies which it replace Chrono Commando.

And also after you get stolen tech unit you will notice those units can't be buildable after battle lab got destroyed.

Now stolen tech units require battle lab even after get those units.

And also Al is now more aggressive.

And also Ore Purifier and Cloning Vats will act like oil derrick.

Your strategy will be put cloned infantry into Cloning Vats for money.

And also Yuri Prime might become...useless...

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