Portal Stories: Mel is a total conversion mod for Portal 2. Consisting of 22 levels with new environments, tough puzzles and a strong story. Complete with over 350 voice-lines, a full soundtrack, custom models, textures, particles and much more! The average playtime is 6-10 hours, depending on experience with Portal 2. All the puzzles in the mod can be solved with clever thinking, quick reactions are never needed.

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We have been keeping a lot about Portal Stories close to our chest, today I am going to share with you a tiny bit of what we have been working on in the last couple of months. Here we reveal a lot more

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We have been keeping a lot about Portal Stories close to our chest, today I am going to share with you a tiny bit of what we have been working on in the last couple of months. For the first time, we are announcing that portal stories is going to be a clever trilgoy of mods

I would like to start by saying thanks a lot to our writers, we are just wrapping up writing the writing of all three mods, and I can not beleive how well they have worked on this, thanks to these writers, this may just be the most story heavy mod of all times.

Think of this trilogy as the GTA IV trilogy, they do not follow on directly but have a different perspective on the same story, revealing parts that you may miss on the first playthrough of one story, this makes all three portal stories very fun to play one after the other, but also turns them into individual games that stand as standalone mods without the requirement to play the other mods.

I am very happy to announce that one of the three mods will be an entirely new co-op story, taking the deep levels of story seen in portal two's singleplayer, and placing that inside of co-op. We can not release much information on the co-op mod, as it may contain spoilers to Portal Stories : Mel.

Now to reveal a big about the story. Portal 2 stories contains an individual cast of four people, who will play out in different ways throughout the trilogy, some characters may appear in two or even three of the mods, the mods tell each characters story from different perspectives.

Work has begun programming and mapping Portal Stories : Mel, as soon as work on this is finished and iafter its release to the public, we will begin work on the second mod in the trilogy, although they are all written already.

We have only scraped the surfice about the trilogy, I have to keep the information being given out to you a minimum. I love the storyline the writers have given me so much I want to shout it out to you, but you will enjoy it so much more to play the mods individually.

Other News :
We NEED you! - At the moment we have a lack of staff, trying to construct three mods between us will be slow, the more help we receive the quicker we can release this amazing storyline to the public. I BEG all of you to try and put something into this mod, we will be holding online surveys, just participating in one will help us so much. Any mappers or modelers or just about anything that are questioning being involved, I beg of you to help us get this out there. - Contact me at andy3471@hotmail.co.uk or add my on steam -instertnamehere (with the extra t in instert - typo when creating the account :( )

Also, our website will be up within the next 2-3 weeks, and it is looking good already (As seen in this articles preview picture).


I'd like to help you with your Portal 2 mod Portal Stories : Mel if you need any help

I've used Hammer world editor to create my first entire map : Steamcommunity.com

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