Inspired by Bear Party Adventure, PoneDM is a shitpost mod taken too seriously. Created by the same person who made Intellectual Techno Hell and FIREFIGHT RELOADED, PoneDM is an experimental multiplayer arena shooter that pits you against other colorful horses in various arenas. You can fight against bots, or you can fight with other players around the world. You will be able to traverse many areas by bunny-hopping and rocket jumping through them as you try to completely destroy the enemy team, or against other players in free-for-all romps. You can also customize your horse with various colors and mane/tail styles.

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Bitl rants about the new (hopefully final) release of PoneDM!

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Hi all, I have released the latest update for PoneDM. This update brings new gameplay enhancements and bugfixes. Changes are listed below.

dm aerowalk0002

dm lockdown0000

dm runoff0001




Mane changes:
- The Railgun now recharges in the background. You will know when it's ready after a beep plays.
- The Railgun will charge faster than normal if the Railgun is charging in the background. This does not apply if the Railgun is overcharged.
- It is now much easier to aim with the Railgun. The crosshair is now enabled and the beam points towards the crosshair.
- Moved the positioning of the Railgun in dm_aerowalk.
- Moved the positioning of the Gatling Gun in dm_runoff.

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed a bug where the Railgun doesn't play a sound at 100% completion.
- Fixed a bug where unlocalized text in the Customization menu becomes jarbled.

Balance Tweaks:
- Decreased the Railgun's normal charge time by up to 31%.
- Decreased the Railgun's overcharge charge time by up to 33%.
- The Railgun now fires invisible bullets, allowing for better support with map triggers.

Misc. Changes:
- Changed the bot name randomization algorithm to be more unique.


Congratz on the release

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