When the Nova labs were destroyed they were done so by a mysterious fire, the cause of which wasn't explained. Perhaps an opposing group against WAR decided to destroy the place and took the Nova plans for themselves before destroying it, all while the 2097 tournament took place. The group of which who did and for what purpose they stole the plans, god only knows. Iron Fist? A WAR splinter group? Someone else?

Everything you need to know about the Jaguar.

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Creator: Ibrahim Hothe
Creation Date:
December 4, 2070

Speed: 70
Attack: 50
Defense: 60

Forward Run = Double tap Front

Jaguar Leap (short) = Front, Front + Low Punch
Jaguar Leap (longer) = Front, Front + High Punch
Jaguar Air Leap = Jump, Front, Front + Mid Punch
Jaguar Air Counter Leap (short) = Back, Back + Low Punch
Jaguar Air Counter Leap (longer) = Back, Back + High Punch
Air Grab Throw = Jump, [Low Punch + High Punch]
Berserker Frenzy Super = Front, Front + [Low Punch + High Punch]
Concussion Cannon = Back, Front + Mid Punch
Air Concussion Cannon = Jump, Back, Front + Mid Punch
Super Concussion Cannon = Back, Front + [Low Punch + High Punch]
Laser = Back, Front + Low Kick
Super Laser = Back, Front + High Kick
Air Laser = Jump, Back, Front + Mid Kick
Back Flip = Back, Back + Down
Overhead Throw = Jump, Down + Mid Punch (Must be near opponent.)
Scrap = Down, Down, Jump + Mid Punch
Destruction = Down, Down + Mid Kick (Press U + MK after the Jaguar lifts your opponent overhead)

Additional Info: The Jaguar is the ultimate rich man's toy. Many companies hire full-time Jaguar pilots and 'bots as bodyguards. The speed of this robot is nearly unsurpassed in a unit of its size. Though it was the first ever security-intended HAR, it still holds weight as the most versatile. Using its incredible speed and dexterity, the Jaguar is capable of leaping more than twice its height and delivering a blow strong enough to crush buildings. It has a Smith & Winston 100-Ton Concussion Cannon, which is primarily used for crowd control. Also, the unit can jump over any large enemy, grab it while upside down, and before the enemy has time to react throw it more than 100 meters doing amazing damage.

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