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A list of features coming to the next update, Version 7.0.

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The Sunderer APC (Or "combat bus") is the newest vehicle coming to the roster. Available for all factions in their respective folders and colors for spawning, the Sunderer can hold 12 people all-together with; 1 driver, 2 gunners and 9 passengers. Both turrets on the top of the vehicle are operated independently by each gunner and have the same stats as the turret on top of the current harasser. It has basically the same stats as the harasser right now as well, with small arms fire doing pretty much nothing to it unless they shoot the engine on the front and a HE shot from a heavier vehicle will take it out in one shot, so it's important to be careful whilst transporting full squads of soldier near enemy vehicles.

Destroyed models


This means that once a vehicle has sustained critical damage, it will convert into its destroyed model as shown in the image. This hasn't been applied to all of the vehicle yet but so far I've done: Harasser, Sunderer, Prowler and Vanguard. The tanks only tend to convert models when their engine is thoroughly ruined and even then, it doesn't always occur.


To make it a little easier and faster for people to bring more faction vehicles to the fight, the Sunderer and also the Harassers now have a separate version in each of the faction folders that will immediately spawn in their correct color scheme.

Mana Turret

NC mana

And lastly in the Vehicles section is the infantry mana turret. Each faction has their own version in their vehicle folders. The mana turrets are exceptionally useful for suppressing smaller areas but can be quickly overrun or outflanked if not supported by friendly infantry, a well placed grenade can also easily dislodge the turret from its position.




A new feature for the construction and building segment of the mod is now buildings with interiors. Currently there are three buildings with this feature included; the Barracks, Comm building and facility build i. Basically the 3 buildings already in the mod now have a second version with the roof removed and an open empty interior for map makers to design their own layouts, such as the one I put together in the image above.


hossin wood

In regards to props and construction objects there's now a small collection of Hossin flora. These were mainly a test for working with trees and the nit-picky textures for the leaves to show up correctly but once I got the hang of it, I got a bit carried away and ended up with a small collection instead of just one example.

There's also a four new props under the folder title "amp station". Mainly industrial looking pieces but they were at the top of the list in the game files so I just set to work on them. Some new fence items are included too for map makers to mess around with when making buildings and walkways.

And to coincide with the new interior buildings, there's three new "interior parts" props; the interior door, interior wall-panel and interior beam. These are for people wanting to make full use of the interior structures and lay out their own rooms and such. They can be a bit fiddly but they make a rather good looking final product imo.




As shown in quite a number of images uploaded to the mod page recently. The snow camo will be available to infantry units only of all three factions in the next update. The camo schemes can be applied as texmods by highlighting the troops and locating the texmod option on the right-hand side of the screen whilst in mission or map editor, depending on which you had open when you spawned the troops in question.


A few new assault rifles have been added as well and are spawned with each factions medic by default. The weapons added are the: TAR (TR), Torq-9 (TR), GR022 (NC) and the Pulsar_vs1 (VS). They don't have hugely upgraded stats over the carbines used by most of the other infantry, but are sporting slightly boosted range and damage over their faction counterparts.


A new class (breed) is available to each of the factions now. The heavy is essentially the heavy assault class from Planetside 2. They use all the same stats and equipment as a current mgun trooper but also come with their factions rocket launcher.


And finally, two new helmets are available for each faction. The Lumifiber (left) and The Analyst (right).


They won't come attached to any new units (with the exception of one) but can be spawned and equipped by any infantry soldier, for people who'd like to have their own man stand out more in the crowd.

That's about everything planned for the next update, I may have forgotten one or two things so some edits to the article could pop up at some point but as far as I remember at this point it's all out in the open.

Feel free to leave any comments, positive or negative below this article.


waiting for the next update *^*

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Top notch update as always, just one thing: enumerators are the numbers given to the tank/vehicle on its body/turret, the destroyed model is actually called x/xx model.

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Colt0512 Author

I actually added the extension enumerator and the xx models at the same time so I thought they were the same thing and never actually tested either without the other, so I'll alter the article. My mistake.

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I'm really looking forward to this update :P
Commbined infantry/armour assaults can now happen

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