I am Legend: The Los Santos Breakout As Robert Neville find a new home in the sprawling Los Angeles, and fight for your existence.

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The latest news on I am Legend: Los Angeles. Check here to find a glimpse of the plot.

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Hello all and welcome to the I am Legend: Los Angeles Moddb page.

First off, let me just say thank-you to the Moddb staff for letting me host my mod here. A lot of effort will be going into the mod and I look forward to bringing you a high standard of work.

Now, the description will have some of you wondering: No Infected?. Now this may seem odd but it is part of the storyline that I am formulating. To get all of the new players used to the enviroment, the infected will be absent for some time. The idea of the first level is that you start near Robert's trusty supply truck which has brought him to Los Angeles. The objective is to get to the city center and to safety. Now around halfway through the first level (players should be nearing downtown LA by now) Robert's watch begins beeping, and he draws his modified M4 Carbine. Now it is a race against time to make it to the city center, you sprint down aisles of abandoned cars and overturned wrecks, sweeping every corner of your vision for infected. The second watch alarm goes off, and you glance into the sky: A large search beam fires off from a tall skyscraper, and you begin running. The sun dips over the horizon as you come around the corner to the entrance of the tower. The doors are barricaded and you try with all of your strength to break through; no luck. Exhausted, you sit down and ready your firearm. After waiting for several minutes and seeing no infected you notice something: no windows have been smashed, and no garbage is strewn across the streets. A flyer drifts by your feet and you bend down to pick it up. The title shocks you: Stay away from the sewers. You glance around and spot the nearest sewer cover, moving towards it, you hear the familiar sounds of the Infected arousing from the bowels of the city. You have to get out, and fast.

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