After the first U.S Civil War relations between the South and the North have been tense. During the spring of 1898 the Southern states of the U.S lost most of their crops to a beetle infestation. The Southern states asked the federal government for compensation for their loss of crops and food, and for the growing southern famine. The federal government refused as it was using its resources and money for the war with Spain. After the receiving Guam and the Philippines after the U.S's victory in Cuba, the federal government refused to allow Southern states to control the islands for farming. Which the Southern states desperately needed for farming. The Southern states formed the Confederation of Southern Farmers and declared war on the Federal United States.

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We need mappers to get this mod to you faster.

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We need mappers to help release this mod faster. If you can also make missions that would be even better. Anyone who helps out will get a beta/pre release of the mod and full credit for their work. If you are interested contact me (dudebuddy) via moddb or email me at

hungerwars 2


I wish I could help with this :/ But I am so sorry I can't make maps on Men of War, I suck, just as much as I suck at modding, the best thing I can do is make factions Inventory wise, and arm them that way.

Only thing I can do is supply some of the factions from my Alternate American Civil War, such as the 1870 Confederate States of America, and 1870 Union forces, if they help I hope they do.

I can also help you with ideas of vehicles, as in my alternate Civil War I came up with vehicles such as the predecessor Zeppelin, that was made by the CSA during the mid years of the Civil War in 1867, and how it bombed fort Washer, I also came up with steam wagons that are powered by steam and would have been considered the first car in history if existed. But that is just a sample of what I can come up with, I doubt they can be any use in this war XD LOL :)

NOTE: I can also write debriefings, Journals for the player can read during loading screens and game plays to tell the stories as well, and in the debriefings I can also write historical notes indicating to the player what happened after the events of the mission they had just completed, and how it effected the war.

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