This is my first mod for the Halo PC Trial. In fact it's the first mod I've ever made. I've modded the weapons to change how the projectiles move or how much damage they inflict. This mod has the following features: Sniper Rifle=Tank Shell Pistol=Sniper Rifle Plasma Pistol Regular Bolt=Ghost Bolt Plasma Pistol Charged Bolt=Fuel Rod Assault Rifle=Needles Shotgun=Needles Fuel Rod=Plasma Grenade Plasma Grenades move almost in a straight line. Soon Frag Grenades will move in a similiar manner. More Features to Come Soon. *Note: The People Who Join Can't See the Changes to the Weapon's Rounds/Shells/Etc.

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It's kinda too late for this MOD, but I decided to upload it anyway. This is a bloodgulch map that had some of it's existing weapon modified. This map was intended for HALO trial, but if you want to try it on full version of HALO, you can try it, but I don't know if it will work, just make sure you backup the original map first. Just copy the and replace it with the original file in the MAPS folder. It should be: C:\program files\microsoft games\halo trial\maps Be sure to backup the original file. (use at your own risk)

Weapon Enhancement
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