Freeworlds: Tides of War is a fan built Star Wars total conversion mod for Digital Anvil's Freelancer game that was released several years ago. When fans began to make mods for Freelancer, one of the many things people were keen on seeing was a Freelancer mod based on the Star Wars universe developed by George Lucas. Freeworlds and Tides of War were the answer to this outcry. The development team of both mods have now joined forces to create an epic new Star Wars TC, Freeworlds: Tides of War.

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More performance upgrades, stability fixes and zomgbayz for this Star Wars Space sim mod!

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Over the past week the team has been working on the demo release to improve stability and performance. FriendlyFire has been a key component to these fixes spending countless hours rewriting the rendering pipeline code to improve overall performance and minimize bugs. He's done such a spectacular job that we will be releasing a Battle System where demo players will take part in a huge scale battle between the New Republic and Imperials. We cannot wait to watch players reactions when they see this massive battle happening before their very eyes!!

For those of you that have not tried the demo yet, I strongly encourage you to give it a try. We also will be having a large scale PVP event between the New Republic and Imperial factions that have formed on our demo server. This event is taking place on: Saturday,April 21, 21:00 GMT

Take a look at some of the player captured images below and see what you're missing:

More incredible demo screenshots

More incredible demo screenshots

More incredible demo screenshots

Download the Demo Release 1.2 (includes the 1.1 patch) Update Here:

***Updated*** 1.2 no longer up to date

We also have released the first (optional) hotfix to improve collisions:

Please be advised, those that use XP operating system will still have an unstable demo. We are currently searching for fixes to the issue.

Change Log Demo Release 1.2:

  • Major improvement to dynamic lighting pipeline
  • Added "shift camera" option which centers the chase camera's pivot (3rd person default camera) on the ship's center; helps with capitals and patrol boats during turns
  • Added vertical synchronization toggle option (only in fullscreen, no effect in windowed mode)
  • Fixed cockpit glass not rendering properly on AMD graphics cards
  • Fixed emissive mapping not rendering on Nvidia graphics cards
  • Improvements to anisotropic filtering support
  • Fixed mipmapping support
  • Minor improvement to effects rendering
  • Minor bug fixes/optimizations on the client hook
  • Fixed camera bugs
  • Fixed loot drop bugs
  • Improved sur collision registering
  • Fixed pricing issue with DP20/Marauder
  • Added ALL equipment to lootprops
  • Increased range of MC30c clusters
  • Decreased volume requirement of MC30c (adding more ammo)
  • Increased loot drop for larger ships
  • Added Ion-Pulse Missile for cruise disruption
  • Added Tractor Beams to all capital ships (unlimited cruise disruptors)
  • Increased charge time for cruise to 6 seconds for all starfighters, 10 seconds for traders, 12 corvettes, 14 frigates/interdictors/carriers, 16 destroyers, 18 cruisers, 20 for battleships
  • Added Battle System (Battle of Bilbringi)
  • Introduced camera ship (usable by players, too)
  • Fixed known infocard issues

Main Demo Download (for those that have not downloaded):

To all our fans, if you like what you see, and have been playing, please don't forget to tell your friends, your communities you frequent and social sites like REDDIT/Twitter about this mod. Player word of mouth goes a long way and we'd appreciate any of the support we can get for this mod of ours! Thanks everyone!


I have the main demo, but I have not downloaded the first patch yet. do I get just this or both. Hoping you get the xp thing sorted out soon.
I used 3-4 hours of downloading it to find it didnt work :p

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TSP-FriendlyFire Creator

You can just download this, all patches will include previous ones.

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"This event is taking place on: Saturday,April 21, 21:00 GMT"

Great. That was 12 hours ago. But this news has been posted 9 hours ago. :(
So, too bad I missed that completely.

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Sizer Creator

Moddb was a little slow approving the news post. Sorry about that. We'll probably be having more battles.

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I was on then but didn't notice. Interesting, ha! - Admiriloackbah

Btw on the mention of reddit, we have a sub dedicated to mods ( and we've been pinging up the updates for this. Think it is excititng stuff! Feel free to lurk or post things up there.

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FW:ToW_Sushi Author

oh, that's great! Thanks for letting us know!!

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The ships.. SWG. I miss that game so much. There are too many memories and every single on of those ships for me lol

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