The year is 1998. After a wave of beatiful women and known models dissapearing all around the world, the Russian intelligence have finally got a partial success on putting some light on the mystery. Some emails and phone calls were intercepted, and the information was most disturbing. Apparently, on Island of Lesstop in the Pacific Ocean, a secret "amazonic" women movement established their main base. The goal of the movement is to create a female army to take over the "Male-dominated" world and create a female domination all over the Earth. Man will be used as slaves. To acheive that goal, women from around the world are being kidnapped and transferred to this Island. There they are asked to join the rebellion........(for the rest of the story you'll have to see the readme file of the mod).............. Your mission is - to enter the Island and find any useful information on the rebellion. and DON'T GET DISTRACTED by the femme fatals! WARNING: CONTAINS NUDITY...

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