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Farm Cry is a mod under devolpment by Toxicdream Studios.

  • Gameplay is based around running a farm and competing against others online.
  • Farm Cry will be round based, each round lasting a maximum of about 30 mins.
  • At the start of each round every team will start with a small farm, single tractor and tools.
  • More tractors, tools, crops, trailers and silo space can be brought from a shop.
  • The aim of the game is to make more money than your opponents.
  • Currently no single-player is planned but it is a possibility

Gameplay - in depth
Each map will include atleast 2 farms (one for each team).

They will both contain a shed full of tools for planting seeds, harvesting crop and whatever else we think of. At the start of the game a shed will only contain 1 of each kind of tool ( more can be brought). Teams will start with a single tractor and a plow/seeder and possbily a harvester.

Every 5mins (aprrox) all teams harvested crop will be sold at its market price (market will be affected by how much of each crop teams are selling). Diffrent crops will grow at different rates but also will have diffrent yields.

Strategy will have a large impact on the teams successes, numbers will not be important aslong as a team keeps communication (get those mics out! :P)

At the moment we are not fully decieded on the buying system, wheather we have a single team leader or the whole team voteing on what to buy next. So please share your ideas on what we should do!

Oggy is an amazing mapper and Crytek is an amazing engine so look forward to some eye-candy.

The Story Of Farm Cry

Farm Cry started as Fun mod v2. The main aim was just to mess around with tractors on a farm. I had known Oggy from a previous mod and towards the start of March he asked for my help, at the time i wasnt sure about using Crytek for what he wanted. Oggy pointed me in the direction of Irrilichit and for 2 or 3 weeks i was working on that. Oggy came to me and said he was having serious problems mapping with Quark.

Then we had a think about other standalone engines and decieded that Far Cry was probably the way foward. So Oggy got to work making our site and forums. I started looking at endless screens of lua code, my doubts of Lua quickly vanished. After about a week of studing Crytek i slipped playing a game of football (soccer) and broke my left wrist in two places (im left handed).

Im only now recovering and i can just about type a page without problems.

Our site is at

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Ok, some new Screen shots can be seen on our Profile, which i have just updated.
We now have 3 vechiles working in game. 2 which do need a better texture, but at the moment our skinner is busy with the splash screen, so they are on the to do list. We also have more than 2 new objects in the game.
These include:
1 shotgun
Telephone box
Deck chair...
1 House
And more.

We have also decided, that instead of Red team and Blue team, we shall have... USA Farmers V UK Farmers.
We hope to have a few player models to choose from by our next release.
We have a number of sounds in game. We haven't worked on that much though, as thats not a priority.. but its certainly good fun!
We have figured out away to grow crops, and it has been tested. we are currently working on ways to Harvest them, and then dump them for cash. I have come up with a plan, which is currently being developed. Although this is all a bit hush hush, until we have fiured it all out :P
.... Should make the game a whole load better!!!

HEDGES! ... now i had some problems with my modellers, as none of them can Do Trees etc. So for now im using in game ones. Available from the natural folder. Doesnt look to bad.
AND IT DOESNT LAGG EITHER :O .... I currently have an average of 50FPS on meduim Settings.

Ok well, i need to get back to managing my Modellers etc :) So speak to you all soon. We should have a VIDEO release shortly :)


Toxic Team.
PS We are in need of A scripter, Coder, and animator.... Cheers

Upcoming Media Release


Hey, Just to point out we are having a media update about the 1st of october. Include in this Release we will be showing a few of the vechiles, lots of...

Farm Cry Update!


Farm Cry September Update! We are very proud of our "Creativity award" its realy nice to see that original ideas get somewhere (Atleast in the...

Small News release just for our watchers!

News 2 comments

Heres a small news update that oggy had lying about, ill just put it on the mod profile until our next media release. Just a quick update about TOXICDREAMSTUDIOS...

Farm Cry Media Release

Farm Cry Media Release

News 7 comments

Toxicdream Studios has been hard at work. Our coder and modellers have all had their exams, or are doing them.... and i wish them all good luck.... But...

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Hey all! I would bring this back to life! ..But can't get in contact with any of the team (I've been out of the U.K for 2 years! ..Finally back!)

Let me see what i can do.

Cheers all!

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is this mod dead :D

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Is this mod still alive?

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Umm. Where I can download this? I can't find the button. I'm noob in this site, please tell where to download files :)

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There are no downloads yet

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Yep it would have been such a nice mod, luckily their is an alternative that is being developed for the source engine :)


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Really, hmm i will take a peek.
Yeah is a shame, but i can't continue any modding at the moment, i onyl have my laptop and Rig is back home in the UK.

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Well, it was an interesting concept anyways.......

Unfortunately, that may be all this mod is stuck on........

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Yeah, it died maybe 5 months ago, when we realised Coders are to difficult to get!
We did have quite a good map in the process of being finished, and Gypsy had some ace models and also some nice coding completed, and the basics of the mod, were sort of coming together.
But unfortunately without coders, a mod dies quickly!
Also its hard for me to contact Gypsy from the other side of the world (where i now live..for nxt few months) so it is just impossible to do anything on this mod.

Sorry all :(

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Sory to say but it has:(. we did not have any coders so everyone lost interest

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