EQ gunkatasv3.0 is the last version from the talented animator Lazer. This time with the help of Wiktorus Pro they built something which is known as a TC. The EQG team is proud to present finally their work. The modification is based and inspired by the movie Equilibrium. The coolest thing in this TC are the gunkatas. You can kill multiple enemies with gunkatas being more effective than by normal shooting. The mod contains swordfighting aswell meele beretta where you use your guns as a weapons without shooting. (everything is made from scratch)

Keystrokes says

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The mod has well made character models and animations, however using the Gun Katas is difficult. It's pretty much impossible to hit anything at first. It takes a long time to get the hang of it, but after a while it gets better once you memorize the hit patterns of your newly found signature move.

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