ACHTUNG ! DEUTSCHE Freelancer Mod ! Enigma V.4 ATG features "HD"-graphics, custom Sound- and Jump-FX aswell as new Systems, Stations, Ships and Items. The main concept of this MULTIPLAYER ONLY-Mod is to vastly extend the original Freelancer while not being unbalanced or featuring too many new ships or overpowered equipment. Each Account can have up to 10 Characters with its appropriate Faction-Outfit and Reputation. The implementation of a custom (german) FlHook and the serverside management of Special-Events enables the player to be and do whatever he likes to. Be a mighty Faction-Leader, Explorer, a lawful Police-Officer, Bountyhunter, ruthless Assassin, member of any Military Faction, a relentless Pirate or a prosperous Trader. The very efficient UPGRADING of SHIP-CAPABILITIES and WEAPONS/EQUIPMENT is implemented as well as the "supplying" of your own FACTION-BASE. Build yourself unique items via CRAFTING or reduce your Travel-Distances via FTL-Jumps. There are almost no limits

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