Ever wanted to play a more realistic zombie survival mission where food, water, first aid, and fuel were as necessary for survival as killing those damn infected zombies! Well now you can! This is a cooperative mission for up to 20 players but can be played by yourself on your own server WITH NO MODS REQUIRED!. Food, water, first aid kits are as necessary to survive as ammo is. You will be able to carry these supplies on your character and scavenge for them in buildings, vehicles and open land. This is a survival sandbox mission that starts out dynamically different every play-through. Its specifically focuses on faster gameplay by utilizing big, but smaller maps and areas to really add that fast-pace action. Tired of just surviving? You can also do optional objectives (find generator, satellite dish, satellite radio) and transmit a signal for a rescue chopper that will pick you and your friends up.

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Version 2.1 is Released! 2.2 is on its way and will be a huge update!

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v2.1 fixes:

-Day and weather sync should now work completely without problems (Untested on personal server but works and tested on dedicated)
-Added customs actions for vehicles and escape chopper, now with driver, passenger, gunner actions (with extended range)
-Food and water now give 40% hunger and thirst on use (previous was 30%)
-More food, water, and first aid have been added to map.
-Norrin script bug fixed that spawned wounded victims on ground after being killed inside or on top of buildings.
-Broadcast fixed, Now when you broadcast a signal for rescue chopper, anyone can be near it to receive signal and not just the person who broadcasted. You cannot move equipment after broadcast or it will fail.

v2 fixes:

-Added a custom "Enter Chopper" action for the rescue chopper. Arma 2 OA has a bug where
when one player gets in vehicle/chopper, others cannot. This custom action insures everyone
can escape.

Next on features list (most done, just need to test):

-Next version will be Combined OPS (will release an OA only version and A2)
-Newest Celery Zombies with several zombie types (tweaked to be harder) and can now attack vehicles.
-Builder trucks, ability to build barricades and setup base defenses
-Repair kits and fuel canisters will now be physical object (able to be stored in inventory) that can be found in buildings and houses.
-New maps and buildings. Added level design for various maps.
-Possible new UI system.
-Zombies will drop money so you can build more defenses with builder trucks
-Towing system to tow vehicles out of ditches or tow vehicles that ran out of fuel
-Food/water objects reworked
-Extra actions list for vehicles
-Some new objectives and possible side missions if I get through the other stuff quickly
-More server parameters to tweak based on player or server preference.
-Tweaks and bug fixes

Known issues:

-Norrin markers and bodies not removing after a player leaves while wounded
-BIS bug function that sometimes removes "Enter vehicle" actions when other players enter vehicle (this is compensated by custom actions that are added in)
-This mission is recommended to be HOSTED on a Quad Core CPU with good internet upload speed (readme files have more info on this) Also you can host on a Dual-Core cpu but you may experience more lag.

DEDICATED SERVER RECOMMENDED (you can setup one yourself on personal computer, instructions inside file!)


-Completely re-designed proving grounds map by adding custom building layouts of towns, cities, military bases, secluded houses etc. (More custom designed maps and areas will be added in next version, no mods)

-Dynamic mission. Player starting positions/food/water/first aid/vehicles/ammo boxes/fuel/zombies spawns etc will never be in the same spot each play through. This makes the re-playability level fairly high and not one strategy always works.

-Zombies!!! More like infected... Some zombies are wanderers that patrol certain areas and some are roaming the map to find and eat you. Dont bother shooting these guys in the chest or legs, theyll almost always keep coming.

-Food/Water/First Aid system. Scavenge for food/water/first aid in houses and buildings alike. Food is needed every 45 minutes and water is every 30 minutes (obviously just for gameplay reasons. I had it on faster timers but I found it to be more annoying to have to scavenge every 15-25 minutes). Without food or water you will die fairly fast. If your friend needs food/water/first aid, drop it for him!

-Stamina system so you cant run forever and must rest (its not too hardcore)

-Ammo boxes are found throughout the world in buildings and out in the open with custom amounts inside of them.

-Scattered vehicles with random weapons/ammo inside: All vehicles are randomly damaged at the beginning so some may be more fragile to drive and if you crash, an engineer in the group will save your ass. All vehicles have different weapons/ammo in them.

-Custom inventory separate from normal inventory. (Think of it as a backpack you can access separately from your main stuff). This inventory solely holds food, water, first aid kits. You are able to give other players stuff from your inventory and vice versa.

-Optional Objectives: Basically you need to survive for 1 hour+ based on what the host sets it on. If you want to try and escape earlier, you must do a set of objectives which include: Finding a satellite phone, generator, and satellite dish. Once these things are gathered, you can choose where to broadcast signal. You must then wait 8-10 minutes as a horde of zombies rush you. Then a chopper will fly in and pick you up. BEWARE! the chopper may crash if the signal is broadcasted in a very congested area like a city.

-Towing/Cart System. There are a set of vehicles in the world that have a trailer attached to them. This trailer can haul around your objectives like your satellite dish, phone, and generator. You can also pick up objectives and walk with them. If you run with them, you will drop them.

-Fuel barrels. Around the world are fuel barrels which can refuel your vehicle up to 20% of max vehicle capacity (for gameplay reasons cause driving around to avoid zombies is lame and too easy). All vehicles will have weapons/ammo inside except the tow vehicles.

-Norrin Revive Compatible. I've managed to make it Norrin revive compatible so when you get killed by a zombie, its not over and your buddies can revive you, put you in a car and then revive you later etc. Revive times are increased so cover your friends! Also when you are down and wounded, zombies will not attack you but may stay near or around your body.

-Custom Parameters: You can modify mission survival time from 1 hour, 1 hour 20, to 2 hours. Also Norrin revive params, grass settings for performance and weather/daylight settings (Known bug: weather/daylight settings known to be de-syncd from server host and clients sometimes. Leave on default settings if this occurs)


Mission Design and Scripting by Daimyo - Scott Jackson.
Zombie Script by Celery (modified to work along side Norrin Script).
Taskmaster 2 and Scriping help by Shuko (it wouldnt be possible without this man)
Norrins Revive Script by Norrin
TBR_Inventory by thebarricade and Modified/Improved for MP by Daimyo

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