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Battle 6 of campaign 6 at Conflict using the CF2142 Mod v 3.02

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With the [CRE]’s former Lieutenant General left to an unknown fate in a
[BOS] cell, and the [BOS]'s counter-attack continuing to constrict
[CRE] forces, hope seemed lost for the army of the Italian. A newfound
determination was forged when a new General took the helm of the [CRE]
armies; one who had previously led the [WAR] forces to victory in the
last major Conflict. General Miller organized the [CRE] defense forces
as the newly appointed Lieutenant General Snipe made preparations for
fresh armor and aircraft to be airlifted to their location. After
dropping out of the combat zone in Oman, the [CRE] forces routed to the
swampy marshlands known as the Songhua. There they set up base shields
and braced for the next strike the [BOS] army would undoubtedly make.

The hum of engines sounded as [BOS] engineers were sighted constructing
base shields of their own. A preemptive strike on the [CRE] gave [BOS]
forces an initial advantage; however, [BOS] quickly found themselves
outgunned both on the ground and in the air. Their supply of armor was
insufficient to the column General Miller had arranged. As the last
gunshots and explosions rang across this land, the [CRE] 37th Tank
Brigade rolled across the marshlands picking off fleeing [BOS]
infantry. The [CRE] had finally stopped the [BOS] counter-attack,
successfully abolishing the momentum of the invasion.

As General JBird organized his forces to fall back, he sent out the
final Talon and Doragon gunships to buy them time for their escape.
Many good pilots met a fiery fate as they attempted to hold off the
masses of Riesig walkers, and Vanguard AAVs. As General JBird looks
backed in his transport at what had become the most recent battlefield,
he saw streaks of fire plummet to the ground as men lost their lives
for his cause. JBird took an oath that he would see the demise of the
[CRE] and exact his revenge upon all the men that lost their lives
defending their homeland. JBird ordered the pilots to set them down in
the [BOS] controlled city of Leipzig, Germany.

[BOS] troops raced to set up in the maze of buildings that collectively
created the city known as Leipzig. A [CRE] invasion was imminent and
[BOS] troops knew they had to defend this city at all costs, or the
weeks of advancement in the campaign would be made in vain. Within an
hour of touchdown, [BOS] troops were engaged with the advancing [CRE]
forces. The fighting was fierce, and every soldier out there gave no
quarter. House-to-house skirmishes ensued as more and more [CRE] troops
flooded the streets. Although [BOS] fought with all they had, defending
their territory, Leipzig was liberated on that day by [CRE] forces, and
[BOS] high command was forced to order a retreat to the desert lands to
the east.

Will [CRE] begin to regain momentum in this campaign, or will [BOS]
squelch this stalemate that has stopped their advance? What new land
will be ravaged by this Conflict? You decide!

Help decide the next battle! Pick up your gun and join the Conflict today!

Writer: thegreenslime

Editor: Tholozor

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