This will be a series of maps for Halo: Custom Edition. Each map will take place in a large crater on the surface of the moon. There will be different objectives depending on the map, but all of them will involve a unique wrist mounted device and some kind of arena held high above the ground.

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The first map of the series, CO_Challenge01, is ready for release.

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The first map of the series is ready for release!

The map has four EXTREMELY tall platforms located in the middle of a large crater on the surface of the moon. Each player spawns on one of the platforms and the goal is to throw the other players from the platforms to their deaths.

In order to accomplish this goal, each player has a wrist mounted device that fires an explosive energy bolt. The device is incapable of dealing direct damage to other players, so the player must use the shockwave created by the explosion to throw his/her opponents off.

We are VERY open to ANY comments/advice/insults/critisizm/compliments/etc... and will gladly take your feedback into account before releasing the next map.
That said, please try to keep in mind that this is our first map. (in other words... more advice than insults plz :D)

Yoda's Xfire: yoda73811
Jawa's Xfire: 1jawa1

All credits go to Yoda and Jawa.

Special thanks to:
M4573R51337 from for uploading his edited file (so that we could put in a custom loading screen) and for uploading a tag pack that we used to get the crewmen in the audience
SteelixB from for making the tag converter that M4573R51337 used

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