The chronicles of Azeroth include the remake of the three original Warcraft game (orcs and humans, Tides of Darkness+Beyond the Dark Portal, Reign of Chaos+Frozen Throne) and new ones based on wow lore (vanilla-Temple of Ahn'qiraj, Burning Crusade, Wrath of the Lich King, Cataclysm + maybe future wow expansion) with campaign and multiplayer melee gameplay.

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New map, patches, future plans etc. A lot happened since our last news.

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Since our last updates from may we did a lot of work on our mod but we didn't have much time to put out the news for you guys so its time to report. No, we aren't dead :)

First of all we experienced with the way we could help new players who never played with Warcraft 1 and/or Warcraft 2. To achieve this we implemented a few changes in the lobby and added tutorial mode. First we added clickable tutorial at the beginning of the game but we found out its not the best way to achieve our goal as some people don't like to pause the game experience to read these tips. So we added tutorial mode to the lobby.

Tutorial mode: - Each player can choose between Tutorial on/off (default off). If a player Turn on tutorial mode, said player will receive helpful messages throughout the game about resources, basic roles of the units etc.

We also added the following improvements to the lobby:

  • You can choose your race now as Orc, Human and Random
  • Default gameplay mode became modern. We found out people prefer modern mode over classic and clicking play game instead of create game turn off the option to modify game attributes (sadly its a Blizzard bug we can not correct)

Warcraft 2: Full tech tree, numerous improvements

We worked a lot on our Warcraft 2 remake too. Now you can enjoy the full tech tree with the following updates we didn't documented yet here:

  • Added Dragons, Gryphon Riders
  • Sappers and Demo squads can detonate on rocks and trees now
  • toned down catapults and ballistas
  • Added numerous balances of spells
  • fixed the prices of keep/stronghold and castle/fortress
  • added Warcraft 2 units into the help menu
  • Alert now properly show when people tries to place a naval structure on land.
  • removed the problematic edges in Fierce Ocean Combat. We will experiment with other type of edges in the future to see if we can achieve a similar good looking edges without the problems it created.
  • Enlarged the sea area on Dark Peninsula to make naval combat more smoother.
  • numerous art fixes.
  • drag selection fix on units affected by the issue

Warcraft 1: New map, improvements

We added a new map to our pool: A Bridge too Far. Its an 1v1 map for our Warcraft 1 remake. The map is separated by a river in the middle and you have only two bridges to pass through this river. You must control these bridges in order to conquer the enemy. Both side have additional two Gold Mines

New map

Also did a few improvements to it:

  • Toned down Catapults
  • Fixed drag selection on units affected by the issue
  • new archer death model
  • a few art fixes

And many other smaller changes to both games.

Screenshot2016 07 12 20 14 52

What's next?

  • The most important plan is to release the mod on all servers which we scheduled around August.
  • Also we are working on a ground only Warcraft 2 map.
  • We plan to work more on helping out new players. For example we will put out a tech tree in the game:


  • Also we plan to popularize the mod so we can breath a little life into it. we plan to create a facebook page so we can share news with you easier and faster and help, also asking your opinion on our plans.
  • Campaign etc being worked on as you know already.

Can we play it now? Or is it still not playable? I just noticed this mod and couldn't find it on the starcraft 2 arcade mode.

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Rommper Author

Its been already up and playable for a year now.Did you search for Coa or wc1 or wc2 on the European sc2 arcade server?

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-When the palladin is out of mana (automatic cast) , strangely it stops attacking. I had to deactivate it to start attacking again; I guest that this is the problem;

-some buildings(like human shipyard), if has not a rally point defined, it doesnt launch ship to the sea (building ship has no end)

-shortcut of pollymorph is the same of patrol (p);

-I had trouble casting blizzard ; it seems that fails , suddenly the mage decides to attack what lies ahead;

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