The chronicles of Azeroth include the remake of the three original Warcraft game (orcs and humans, Tides of Darkness+Beyond the Dark Portal, Reign of Chaos+Frozen Throne) and new ones based on wow lore (vanilla-Temple of Ahn'qiraj, Burning Crusade, Wrath of the Lich King, Cataclysm + maybe future wow expansion) with campaign and multiplayer melee gameplay.

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We've released our new multiplayer map for the Wc2 remake and added numerous fixes and changes with our newest patches.

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"Join the army,' they said. See the world,' they said. I'd rather be sailing."

Fierce Ocean Combat

Would you rather explore the oceans too? Then prepare for our next Wc2 map land-dwellers. It will be a Fierce Ocean Combat! This original Wc2 map is all about naval combat as every player start on one of the eight islands. There is no other way to conquer your foes than sailing your almighty armada and hoping your transport ships land safely. Will you triumph over the enemies or sink into the freezing waters?

To play on the new map simply search for COA, Wc2 or Fierce Ocean Combat on Arcade EU.

prepare for naval combat!

Additionaly we added numerous changes for both WC1 and WC2 remakes with the recent patch. The modern gameplay mode is closer to modern rts than before as we added autocasting for basic spells and increased the supply farms provide.

Balance changes:
-Increased Catapults fire period from 4 to 6
-Increased time of lumber harvest
Modern Gameplay mode changes:
-Added autocast for the following abilities: Heal, Raise Dead, Minor Summonings
-Increased the supply provided by Farms by 6.
-Added new Archer model and fixed attack missile.
-Added art for the Water Elemental's attack

New Map: Fierce Ocean Combat:
-Excelent for naval combats. Islands with no connection to each other.
Balance changes:
-Increased catapult and Ballista fire period from 4 to 6
-Increased Juggernaut and Battleship fire period to 6
-Increased Destroyers fire period to 4
-Increased Cannon Towers fire period to 4
-Increased time of lumber harvest
Modern Gameplay mode changes:
-Added autocast for the following abilities: Heal, Bloodlust, Raise Dead, Slow
-Increased the supply provided by Farms and Town Hall by 6.

Hope we will see you on the battlefield!

Don't forget to uptade your land forces too

TKAzA Staff

:O boats and zeppelins! WOO

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so you're still alive? that's great

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Rommper Author

I'm not keen on the idea of being dead :)

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