Zombies are Awesome. But who wants to be stuck in a building? Unlocking one room at a time? The ArmA 2 engine provides 1000km2 terrains in which to explore. My missions utilize this to create an epic zombie experience. Enjoy!

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HUGE update! Adds respawn, sidemissions, survivors, and much, much more! Adds compatibility for the Free version of ArmA 2! Zombies redefined!

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Dynamic Zombie Sandbox .90 Release

Dynamic Zombie Sandbox .90 Release Dynamic Zombie Sandbox .90 Release
Dynamic Zombie Sandbox .90 Release Dynamic Zombie Sandbox .90 Release
Dynamic Zombie Sandbox .90 Release


HUGE update! Fourth beta release of my mission. Focus on everything. I fixed quite a few bugs, and not all of them are on the changelog. Respawn, sidemissions, survivors, and more below.

What's fixed?

Stability has been increased, along with efficiency. Respawn was a big feature, and it works fully. When you die (and you sure will in this version) you respawn at a random town with a random gun, just like when you start. The ability to start together was a big request, which removes that fear of the beginning, but it's fun anyway, and as an option.

Construction allows you to build your own bases, more money cannot be obtain as of now, but that's for future.

Sidmissions bring longer playability, and unique rewards that can be fought over. Four sidemissions are in right now, and more are on the way. Currently there is: C130 crash, Ammo box drop, Horde infested base that can be captured and used as a safezone, and a horde that spawns at a town and needs to be neutralized

New method of spawning zombies. Towns will spawn more zombies than just the countryside. If you enter Rasman, Feruz, or any other town, chances are you will get swarmed. Makes vehicle finding a risk, and it's quite scary.

Different versions have been added for people with only certain versions of the game. Arma 2 free is supported for everyone who just wants to try it out: Arma2.com These versions will work with basic functionality, but more bugs might be present.

ACE version isn't complete yet, but will be released shortly.


Roadmap found at DevHeaven
Bug #27606: Players did not respawn at the right place.
Bug #27670: Zombies Spawn in Towns = No Zombies
Bug #27871: Chopper Doesn't Spawn
Bug #28021: Ammo Cache Sidemission
Bug #28204: Zombies spawn in the safe zone (introduced .90)
Bug #28205: Start together option spawns people in the air
Bug #28222: Vehicles burning on start (introduced in .90)
Feature #27563: Every paramter should be random
Feature #27564: Respawn
Feature #27872: Enable Saving
Feature #27873: Tweak amount of zombies in country and in towns.
Feature #27874: Enable ACE backpacks
Feature #27896: Players Spawn together.
Feature #27898: SideMissions!
Feature #27899: OA only version
Feature #27900: A2 only version
Feature #27901: A2 free version (if different than just a2)
Feature #27912: Ammo Caches
Feature #27919: Horde Sidemission
Feature #28042: Add M&M's ideas.
Feature #28055: Safe Zone
Feature #28073: Aircraft crash
Feature #28200: Spawn zombies everywhere, but have larger amounts in towns.
Feature #28299: Parameter to disable Sidemissions
Survivors (Spawn at a town and defend their position, WIP)
Plus many more

Want to get the latest updates and news about the latest features being added?


Before you download, a little elevator pitch:
Enjoy the mission? Enjoy it more than that $1 (or other currency) cup of coffee? Well, if you feel inclined, I would greatly appreciate any generosity. :)


CO version (Flagship version):

Requires patch 1.60 of ArmA 2 Combined Operations. No other mods/addons required
Dynamic Zombie Sandbox V.90 CO

OA version:

Requires patch 1.60 of ArmA 2 Operation Arrowhead (NOTE: THIS IS UNTESTED, NO MOD CONFLICTS WILL OCCUR, BUT THE MISSION MAY NOT WORK WELL, please leave feedback :) ). No other mods/addons required
Dynamic Zombie Sandbox V.90 OA

A2 version:

Requires patch 1.10 of ArmA 2 or ArmA 2 Free. No other mods/addons required
Dynamic Zombie Sandbox V.90 A2/A2F

Thanks to:

SRU team, Thanks guys, excellent testers!
VVC team
Beta testers
Loyal players
Everyone who hosted the mission
Celery for making the zombies!!

Make a full game of this and its GOTY hands down bro :DDD

Ces't super cool!

Yeah its really damn cool i had to say it in another language. Thanks bobtom/Craig!

Mission is really great and even day time gave me some good scares :D

I forked in £25 quid just for this mod! :) was worth it, keep working on it dude, you got my support :D

So much fun :D

Great Missions. Love playing them :D


Looks cool. Can you play it when my friend has A2 Free and I have ArmA 2 CO?

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I'm pretty sure your friend is supposed to have the full game. The free version doesn't allow modding.

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I wonder if you can instead drop the any Addon PBO's in the actual Arma2 Addons Folder instead of creating a separate mod folder and shortcut.
I used to do that with all my ArmA's before,
till i figured out the mod folder shortcut method.
Hopefully they haven't hardcoded it...

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Craig_VG Author

You can play with A2 free, A2, OA, or CO with .90

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This is extremely good but the zombies are dumb as bricks and zig-zag like trolls. They also stand still and wait 6 seconds before slashing you from seemingly 10 feet away.

That said, at night time, with friends, during overcast, and fast time off, it is scary as HELL. My friends and I had a scenario that was basically blair witch project. We ran into a cabin and went inside and found a priest in there, my friend was using a priest skin so I thought it was him and sat next to him, then my friend says, "C-zom, where are you?" and I look up at the zombie and it begins to eat me. Scary, unscripted, dynamic stuff.

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No zombies in this.

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work on arma 2 demo? on steam?

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i cannot make it work in arma 2 full version, i try to download from different parts but anything it just no zombies and not all parameters works with it.

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same to me

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I'm having the same error in ArmA 2 free. There are absolutely no zombies, and I don't spawn with a random weapon.

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It's nice that I finally get to play without OA since I don't have it.

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Any ETA on 0.95?

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So I have played this freaking awesome map of yours. And went to downloaded it. But idk how to make it work in game? I have Arma 2 free. all i'm wanting to do is be able to host a game for me and one of my friends, but I can't get it to work! :( help please? Thanks!


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