BladeIN (as well as BladeDM and BladeCTF which are included) is a replacement for the stock Land of the Dead game types that implement a huge amount of bug fixes and some enhancements to the original game, without changing any of the rules.

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BladeIN/DM/CTF Land of the Dead gametypes v1.2 nearing release, changelog within

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Here is the near-final changelog for v1.2:New In Version 1.2
* Added two additional wave-end sounds from the original game that were not used
* Added use of the three "Last Man" sounds from the original game that were not used
* Character Select Menu: Now uses the "MenuName" property to display a readable name for a character
* Added RoundTimeLimit to INI file, to replace the original game's TimeLimit that did not function
* Added bAllowTelefrags to INI file, set False to disallow telefrags (workaround for original game bug where people could telefrag at will if they knew how)
* Molotov fires no longer spam the server log
* Molotov fires give kill credit to the person that created them, if they haven't died since the fire was created
* Admin command for Invasion: newwave - starts a new invasion wave, right now
* Add login URL parameter ?Password=xxxx to allow automatic Admin Login, and bypass full server issues
* Add login URL parameter ?SpectatorOnly to allow someone to join only as a spectator, they cannot spawn.

Fixed In Version 1.2
* Removed package-name-specific dependencies in Menus
* Character Select Menu: Now opens for NM_Client and NM_Listen, rather than just network clients
* Character Select Menu: Should never show "None" as an option
* Character Select Menu: Skins use their texture name instead of "Skin 1" and "Clothes 1", and such.
* Character Select Menu: Removed Back button
* Character Select Menu: I swear, there should be absolutely NO WAY to skip this menu. Period.
* Character Select Menu: Should work in single player mode as well
* Character Select Menu: Will work even if server is in "PlayersOnly" mode when you connect.
* For game types that could potentially have player zombies, ignores players in control of zombies when tallying player counts for end of game
* Player Command: "switchteam" no longer available for Invasion game type (or any other gametype that has GRI.bAllowedToSwitchTeams = False)
* If you manage to "throwweapon" your last weapon, you should now be able to pick up things (fix bug from original game)
* Player Spawning should work in both Standalone and Listen modes
* bDontEndLevel=False no longer fails under some conditions
* Replaced the "Connection Failed" menu with a new one that doesn't log constantly, and should significantly increase apparent speed of file downloads

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