Outstrip Baal and assemble Universum Control Center before he will do it! Difficulty of Mod is increased in comparison with vanilla Lord of Destruction :). Mod for Diablo 2 with accent on cube recipes. Also have many other features such as: > Two new character’s statistics: Luck and Endurance. > Strength of monsters is increased by various ways as well as strength of characters. > New monsters, new items, new areas. > New runewords system. > New magic properties for items. ... and many, many other things. :)

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Hi to all! :) I released version 1.36 for my mod "Battle for Elements" . This is mod for D2: LoD (patch 1.10). Happy gaming, Sincerelly Yours, True Mage of Equilibrium :)

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Hi to all! :)
I released version 1.36 for my mod "Battle for Elements" [February 28 2007]. This is mod for D2: LoD (patch 1.10).

Happy gaming,
Sincerelly Yours, True Mage of Equilibrium :)

TrueMage Author

- New contest!!! See details on official site: www.bfe.net.ru
- Act 3 Town map was changed.
- Moo Moo Farm map was changed.
- Some new modifiers for high quality items were added.
- Mercenaries graphics were changed to look as characters.
- Some new unique monsters were added.
- Weapons of God became Legendary Items. More Legendary Items were added.

- Favorite Talisman don't have "Reduces Vendors Prices" and "+% to Experience" properties anymore. It was senseless anyway
and was resulted to exploit. :)
- Max price vendors pay you for your items is 50000 now on all game difficulties.
- Some character skills were rebalanced again.
- Some unique items were rebalanced again.
- HP of Diabloclone on Normal difficulty were raised, but level of Firestorm was reduced.
- Mimics drop was enhanced.
- Range for Exotic Weapons was increased.
- Rare blood (Council Member, Frog Demon, Overseer, Frozen Horror) drops more often now.
- Maximum levels of aura and summon skills on charms were raised to 24/16/8. See Cube Recipes. Required character levels for using these charms are same as required character levels for creating these charms.

Bug fixes:
- Critical one: TCP/IP multiplayer mode was fixed.
- Korlic is visible now.
- Bug with wrong quantity of spirit wolves and dire wolves was fixed.
- Range for Corpse Explosion was fixed.
- Incorrect description on Cold Mastery was fixed.
- Aura of Countess and her sister don't have exploit anymore.
- Broken level-up modifiers on unique shields were fixed.
- Bug with enourmous damage on fire enchanted boss' death was fixed.
- I enabled firebolt retailation from goatmen again. Hope this time it will work. :)
- Innate bug with wrong damage and life displaying on Raise Skeleton and Raise Skeletal Mage skills was fixed.
- Bug with Megademons' animation glitch when they cast Poison Explosion was fixed.
- Some property strings for item descriptions were reduced to minimaze chances for famous 2048-symbols-on-item bug.
- Multiplayer bug with item personalization was fixed.
- Deckard Cain and Tyrael monologues at Act 4 were fixed ( Great thanks to Gravity for
"pidgin english to english" translation :D ).

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