Outstrip Baal and assemble Universum Control Center before he will do it! Difficulty of Mod is increased in comparison with vanilla Lord of Destruction :). Mod for Diablo 2 with accent on cube recipes. Also have many other features such as: > Two new character’s statistics: Luck and Endurance. > Strength of monsters is increased by various ways as well as strength of characters. > New monsters, new items, new areas. > New runewords system. > New magic properties for items. ... and many, many other things. :)

Report RSS Battle for Elements mod for D2 version 1.40 released

Battle for Elements version 1.40 released We have a bunch of new features here. Such as: - New contest! - 7 new mercenaries. - PlugY 8.00! - Crafted recipes were redone. - New User Interface elements. - Some new monsters and wards were added. - New area - Maze of the Light (by Cubaholic).

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Battle for Elements version 1.40 released

List of Changes:

Someone wrote: Global changes:
- Some serious characters' rebalancing. Please, note that characters from previous versions of mod are NOT compatible with this new version.
- Attention! There is one new monster in game that have "one-hit-kill" property! All hardcore players should be cautious!
- New contest!
- 7 new mercenaries.
+Act 1: Master Archer (Inner Sight, Burst of Speed, Magic Arrow, Multiple Shot, Strafe), Javeliner (Inner Sight, Burst of Speed, Poison Javelin, Lightning Bolt, Plague Javelin)
+Act 2: Protective (Power Strike, Cleansing/Vigor/Sanctuary, Charged Strike, Fend), Berserker (Power Strike, Holy Fire/Concentration/Holy Shock, Charged Strike, Fend)
+Act 3: Necromancy (Bone Armor, Teeth, Weaken, Bone Spear, Bone Spirit), Druidic (Firestorm, Molten Boulder, Fissure, Twister, Shock Wave, Tornado)
+Act 5: Mental Warrior (Psychic Hammer, Shock Field, Blade Fury, Mind Blast).
- PlugY 8.00 (thank you, Yohann)!
- Crafted recipes were redone. See Cube Recipes.doc/pdf.
- Aura and Summons Charms now get additional required level per each charm upgrade.
- New User Interface elements.
- Some new monsters and wards were added.
- New area - Maze of the Light (by Cubaholic).
- I have raised hirelings endurance, so now hirelings have more useful auras.
- Chance to get elite item from gamble on Hell dificulty was decreased.
- Drop quality on Hell difficulty was increased.
- Stacked weapons have bigger stack.
Bug fixes:
- Blade Fury and Molten Boulder don't have friendly fire feature anymore.
- Character can open portals to elemental planes in any form now.
- Game crashes in Valley of Ice Warriors were fixed.
- Final nova of Frozen Orb now deals damage when orb collide with obstacle.
- Ancient Vault have more appropriate automap now.
- Bug with too high required level of starting items was fixed.
- "Level 20 Vigor aura when equipped" property as partial set bonus on Fess' Marching Clothes set was replaced during HP fall bug.
- Killing Projection of Nihlatak don't cause appropriate quest to be done anymore.
And yes, new contest!
Well, now we go another way... No more hints! As well as no step-by-step documentation. :) All you need to know you will search in game. Also I don't want to reveal contest award... Go play and find! Good luck. ;)


can some one help me add bfe to my pc i cant ever time i try to download it it wont go all the way through and it finally did and i put it in to my save file and nothing hasppiend i dont know what to do

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