About Back to Hellfire: This is a modification for Diablo II Lord of Destruction 1.10. It focuses on re-creating the feel and the atmosphere of Diablo and it's expansion Hellfire while keeping some features from the sequel. Those are features that improve the gameplay in my opinion - arrows, boss graphics, mercenaries to name a few. Don't expect to get a full re-creation of Diablo and Hellfire in the mod - it's very different yet still close to them. After all, if Back to Hellfire was exactly Diablo: Hellfire, what would be the point in it? Back to Hellfire has a different storyline to suit the bigger level environment scattered in the five acts. For example, you will find the Nest in the town of Lut Gholein, and not in Tristram. I can't limit Back to Hellfire to one act. Even if I could, I wouldn't do it, I love variation. I think this brings more fun in the gameplay. So if you liked Diablo and Hellfire, if you love to get scared from monsters and advance slowly...

Report RSS Back to Hellfire v1.02 released!

This patch was greatly delayed in time and finally, I decided to release it with what I have done, and leave the rest for the next version. This patch fixes a few critical bugs, so it was important to make it available sooner.

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Fixed the bug that made the game crash after a Blood Wizard has died (thanks to Havvoric)
Town Portals cannot be opened in town anymore (thanks to Havvoric)
Fixed that bug that required you to go to Hell Level 1 before killing Diablo in order to complete the difficulty (thanks to Havvoric)
Globally increased monster HP, damage, resistances on Nightmare
Added 8 missing runewords
More monster variations in many levels
Added a waypoint in Caves Level 4 and removed the Cathedral waypoint
Added recipes for Warrior crafting for level 20+
Added different ambient lighting on levels
Added new boss - Nightwing the Cold
Act 2 vendors will sell stamina and thawing potions
Warcy has constant mana cost
Reduced Sweep mana cost
Burning crosses will now glow and damage nearby players
Lightning Demons were made more aggressive
Increased monster density in Catacombs
Reduced monster density in Worldstone Keep
Removed negative min-damage affixes
Reduced Demon Crypt levels size to about 2/3 of the original
Gamble prices will now be static
Added damage and AR affixes on staves
Caves entrances will now show on the minimap
Fixed the hotspot for the Caves "level up" tile
Tomb Rats won't spawn as Multiple Shot anymore
Balrogs won't spawn as Multiple Shot anymore
Act 5 mages were boosted
Golden Elixir will now show the original image
Blood Star now steals life
Bone Spirit now turns enemies into stone
Blood Star and Bone Spirit cast sounds changed
Rebalanced lots of runewords
Carvers won't blink between red and blue color anymore
Added Blood Knight variations
Diablo was boosted
Mephisto was boosted
Azmodan was boosted
Archbishop Lazarus was boosted
Staves will now drop more often
Leoric will drops runes again
Removed the Dexterity bonus from Capes (it's obsolete now)
Loads and loads of typos and errors fixed (thanks to D2 MOD Player)

You can download the new patch (2.24 MB) from ModDB.com.


Great job, man! I can see you are a true Diablo veteran. I have played few characters, hard times for hand to hand combat, ranged have more chances to survive the horror. However, pls tell me where the f*** can I find a blank runeblade? Thanx a lot man.

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