This is a small mod that will replace the Primal Hunt campaign missions of the corporate, ancient predator and predalien with the AvP2 campaign missions of the marine, predator and alien. If you've already beaten the Primal Hunt campaign missions, you will see the first three missions from the AvP2 campaigns unlocked. As you progress through them, the rest of the AvP2 campaigns will unlock as usual. The benefits of running this mod is being able to play the original AvP2 campaigns with Primal Hunt's new features such as dual pistols, sentry guns, predalien headbite, ancient predator, energy flechette, etc. It should be noted that even when playing as a marine in single player, any sentry guns you place down will not fire on any corporates. However, the sentry guns do fire upon the aliens and predators. As for playing as the predalien or ancient predator, you will need to utilize the cheat codes to morph into these characters. I've included a list of cheat codes to help with this.

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See below to watch the full trailer of AvP2 Campaigns for Aliens Versus Predator 2: Primal Hunt Mod.

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Alternate full trailer link for Blood n' Guts Mod for Aliens vs Predator 2:

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