A.R.R.C. is a complex modification for Anno 2070. The goal is to offer many alternatives, but not create elements too powerful. Create a lot of new buildings, research new upgrades and enjoy a better gaming experience.


The new update to version 2.05 is available! Rejoice about the new underwater settlements and all their associated buildings. But beware, these are not cheap and they need an additional oxygen plant to survive. However, they offer a not inconsiderable research bonus. Similarly, it is now possible again to play the campaign and successfully finish it. Over 340 quests in number are added and much more!

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Update of Anno 2170 - A.R.R.C  to version 2.05


Since the feedback from the previous beta has been extremely positive, and no serious error occurred, it is time for the final version 2.05. In addition to a few minor bug fixes, new transmission channels for the ornamental buildings and a new channel exclusively for underwater cities are waiting for you.

Underwater City

There are also a few changes in the construction menu, the texture pack “Black Line” was optimized. Brand new textures for a Trade aircraft and the balancing of the Trade aircraft have been improved.

But most important: finally, many buildings have beautiful window pane reflections, making your cities look much more alive! I hope the great effort which was associated with it, has been worthwhile. :)

Have fun wishes you the A.R.R.C. Team!


  • Installation program has been improved in its function.
  • It is now possible to build underwater settlements.
  • All ornamental- residential buildings now cost a one-time 500 Credit for the Construction, costs for building upgrade has been removed.

Underwater settlements

  • Deep-sea city center satisfies the need for community only 50% and generates NO construction area for deep-sea residential houses. (Warning: The radial need for community display of the deep-sea inhabitants unfortunately does not show the correct value)
  • Oxygen plant satisfies the need for community to 50% and creates construction area for deep-sea residential houses.
  • All construction costs for residential buildings, public buildings and research facilities of the deep- Sea Tech settlement increased by 100%.
  • All maintenance costs for public buildings and research facilities of the deep- Sea Tech settlement increased by 50%.
  • The chance that an artifact is discovered in the deep- Sea research laboratory has been increased by 15%.
  • The maximum research boost for all research institutions raised by 50%.
  • U-settlements have perfect disaster protection including all research buildings.

Ornamental buildings

  • New ornamental buildings of the category Building, Construction and lighting for the underwater Islands.
  • New A.R.R.C. Video for the ornamental Building versions of all Ministries of truth, educational clusters, Info-Hives and Flat screens.
  • Harbor Lights can now be built on streets (Harbor roads are excluded).
  • New lighting color turquoise for all lanterns.
  • New video "Share TV" for the ornamental building versions of all Truth Ministries, Educational cluster, Info-Hives and Flat screens.


  • The campaign can now be successfully completed. To play the campaign, NO older Savegames should be used. However, it is possible via the Quest menu to start mission 1 to begin each chapter. (Chapter1/Mission1, Chapter2/Mission1, etc.)
  • The construction menu of the campaign - Chapter 1 is now no longer so severely restricted as originally.
  • All buildings for the Harbor city, underwater city and the texture packs are disabled for the campaign.

Quests / Ultimatums

  • Quests that have not been activated by the building of the texture packs, now work correctly in conjunction with the texture pack buildings (over 340). (Helping quests that can be turned off in the options menu are excluded).
  • Now Quests and Ultimatums also take into consideration the Public and Research building of the texture packs before they occur. Should you be prompted to establish a particular building, pay close attention to whether the original icon or that of the texture pack is displayed. (Scenario-Quests usually have the original Icon, accordingly, the building of the texture packs cannot be used).
  • All Quests which become active only by erected monuments are now also available for monuments of texture packs. These include also invisible quests that are used for example by NPCs, to respond to actions of the player. (Not only does Seamus Green, Skylar Banes or F.A.T.H.E.R. award monument quests, but also all neutral factions).
  • Quests that require the players to build an Eco, Tycoon or Tech shipyard now need their matching military - and logistics ship yard.

Construction menu

  • U-clearance terminal has been combined with the clearance terminal, and changes icon according to camera position (Under-or above water).
  • All buildings that require a river construction site now have its own icon index.
  • Improved representation of the production chain for pasta dishes.
  • Airport and Trade Airport were combined into one group.


  • Many of the buildings now have window reflections
    • All residential buildings
    • All public buildings included monuments
    • All research buildings
    • All catastrophe protection buildings
    • All Airports
  • Changed model and added new textures for the Trade airport.
  • Changed model and added new textures of the trade aircraft “Orca”.
  • New textures for the Trade aircraft “Cobra”.
  • Improved lighting of the building U-warehouse.
  • Trade airport now has a another design to toggle through with key "C".
  • All info Hives now have light strip next to the display.
  • Now city centers of the Techs have luminous stripe in the stair area.
  • Lighting for the buildings of underwater settlements has been improved.
  • New textures for Trade aircraft Cobra. (Many thanks to Berniei for the support)
  • Textures of the workers barracks for Eco’s and Tycoons texture pack "Black Line" were improved.


  • Trade aircraft Orca
    • Model has been increased by 50%.
    • Movement speed increased by 15% and will no longer be so greatly reduced at full load.
    • Maximum load per goods slot has been increased to 50t.
    • Maintenance costs reduced to 20.
  • Trade aircraft Cobra
    • Model has been increased by 50%.
    • Movement speed is no longer so greatly reduced at full load.
    • Maximum load per goods slot has been increased to 60t.
    • Maintenance cost reduced to 35.

Bug fixes

  • A cosmetic issue when turning the U-clearance terminals has been resolved.
  • Harbor lanterns no longer block the road.
  • The name of the A.R.R.C. Transmission channel has been corrected.
  • Research Upgrade basalt drill bit 2.0 now displays the correct icon.
  • Foundation of the Science Forum and U-Warehouse can now be copied with the pipette again.
  • U-Warehouse and deep-sea Warehouse now have the correct icon index for underwater buildings.
  • Crude oil power plant now requires the correct amount of crude oil. (3 x oil drill or 1 x Oil platform /Sokow oil drill).
  • Ornamental building versions of all ministries of truth, educational clusters, Info-Hives and Flat Screens now have the correct broadcasting channel.
  • Broadcasting channel of Ornamental building versions of all ministries of truth, educational clusters, Info-Hives and Flat Screens now have the correct tooltip.
  • A mistake in which some of the animations of the Trade airport were not displayed, has been fixed.
  • Over 340 quests have been adjusted for the building of the texture pack or re-created. (see above)

The new version of this mod is available HERE


This is such an amazing update ! Can't wait to test it !
I was waiting for underwater settlement for a long time :)
Now it will really be worthwhile to construct underwater cities and spend more time underwater ! The idea of underwater cities is such a great idea !!! Now let's try to build rapture !

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why have people down-voted this? please tell me this? a man or woman expresses his or her feelings on this and it just gets down-voted... humanity -_-
... or kids -_-
.. one of them.

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