After completing the Multiplayer version 1936 Spain in flames COD2, I have started some time ago the Single Player version. This consists of three parts that will be published according to each part is completed. This mod is the story of the Spanish civil war, between 1936 and 1939, accompanied by approximately 24 missions recreating the most important battles of the war. Currently the first part is available for download, although so far only in Spanish version. For the start of the second and third part is also included in English. Some tasks are about the siege of the Alcazar of Toledo, the battles of Madrid, Jarama, Guadalajara, the Ebro or the bombing of Guernica, among others. The mod brings new vehicles where some part of the objectives, there will also be a mission that will use a T-26 tank. Also included are new weapons and new skins.

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First of all, let me write this mod gets a BIG PLUS for being one of the EXTREMELLY SMALL section of mods that feature single-player missions, let alone a different war scenario and a full campaign of whooping 24 missions in total!

1936-1939 Spanish Civil War total conversion SP and MP mod takes you from the front lines of the World War II and into the years before it, into the Spanish Civil War. The mod has somewhat lacklustre level design and it shows, I saw lots of low quality weapon and grenade models especially but that is the issue. 36-39 SCW has an amazing story with believable characters that takes from the beginning and into the end of the Civil War into the boots or extremely different actors from each other ranging from a Moroccan “Regulares” regular colonial riflemen during who straight from the basic training in thrown into the revolution, a woman desperate to fight the Republic and the Communism and a foreign Italian soldier volunteer who fights for the control of strategic buildings in Madrid for the Nationalist side of the war. The cut-scenes are magnificently done, the voice is acting had surprised me in the beginning, it is very fitting for the scenario and there are no murmurs or microphone errors to be heard. Certain missions are preceded by a video which explains the situation in the country during that day like a historian. There is more given to the story, the emotions rather than the prolonged shooting and mass killings of dumb AI enemies. This mod is a unique treasure for the Call of Duty community.

Unfortunately such a mod still has it's issues. Crashes can occur sometimes during levels, movies at least in my part tended to freeze the game often. Not all dialogue or orders are translated into English. Knowledge of Spanish is somewhat required to fully understand the mod which is kind of natural. The action part of the gameplay is a huge bolt-action rifle heaven when 98% of AI troops overall are equipped only with Mausers! Filler text here

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This mod was... wow. I think the best way to put this is... on the Call of Duty wiki, it says that United Offensive is the only expansion pack for the CoD series to date... I disagree. There were two: United Offensive and 1936-1939 The Spanish Civil War... I was blown away by this. The story was great, and some of the missions were very creative, such as one mission where you have to survive a bombing: as a civilian! And another especially impressive mission where you impersonate a German soldier…

Jul 13 2013 by Jax18