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Zippys Wolfenstein mod

A lot of crazy stuff going on first off solider HP is tripled from 20-40 to 40-80, heavy trooper has 60 or 70 a part, elite troopers and scribes have 80+ HP sniffers have 200 or so, despoiled has 200+ HP other tweaks here and there.
Player has 50 less max HP, starts with 6 grenades and upgrades to 9, up’d the FOV on most weapons, doubled it for scopes, lowered max ammo for both MP40 and karl98 both get ammo upgrades with their clip upgrades. Changed prices of most items, trying to add upgrades until then nothing is finished or finalized.

Player is lighter and faster and so are grenades I might fix their mass later on but I think it’s funny you can lob one across a level :P
Can’t find re fire rate or corpse stay info, lowered bobbing some, you can sprint for longer distances, lowered or tried to lower what veil powers consume and raised the regeneration rate as much as I could.

This is a mess and I am forgetting stuff I want to do a lot more with it and rebalance things out but everything kind of hinges on getting new upgrades in the store so I can add, edit and get things better balanced , so this will be a work in progress but it’s a fun messy work in progress IMO.


New file

Old file


Just figured out how to add upgrades to the store, but I still need to change fire rate which aludes me for now as well as change the resell price for upgrades.
I am gearing up to redo my mod, but so far it seems resale prices for upgrades are hard coded and other things I want to do just limit the balancing gimmicks I have in mind, not to mention refire rate seems to be hard coded as well.. quite annoyed, anyone have any suggestions other than mien god zippy no please do not mod no more!!! :P
PS:this is a glorified test mod so don;t be alarmed soem thigns are out of whack...

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