An original Hardcore Gamer, "I was gaming before pong was invented". Would like to show other fellow gamers a fun view on the world, my world to be exact. If you have a problem, dont become a troll just explain and it will get fixed. Any (legal) downloads wanted let me know and ill upload them to my other site. Anything to do with games in general post it here, anything to do with my mod then post it there. XD Have a great day of gaming guys just dont forget that your skin needs sun to survive so just go out once a week to the shops to pick up your mountain dew and itll be fine.

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This weekend I decided to install Knoopix linux to my HDD as I use it for texture processing (its super fast). I usually run it off a cd but my cd drive is starting to die so it was geting a bit slow. Anyway i installed it and it ran perfect took 3 mins to boot up first time as it had to load up all the drivers and stuff then i rebooted it took 3 seconds to go from mem check to linux desktop (sonic the hedhog speed) so i thawt brill now ill just get my internet dongle drivers the only thing was it didnt load it said no os found so i rebooted tried again this time it said file format not recognised and wudnt give me dos, so i went into linux and looked at the hdd's linux had only gone and formatted both drives into type3 or whatever it was so i undid what it did miracoulusly it didnt delete the data just changed the drives format so i thought great itll load now, did it buggery it kept saying there was prolems with the hal driver so i tried reinstalling xp the only thing is was it said the drive needed reformatting to fat32 or ntfs the only problem is with a in format you lose everything, thankfully all my software was backed up but none of my maps or other mod files and when i started the windows install i realised id left my key at my moms so ive been stuck all weekend with no inernet and no laptop, :( and now am havng to start the escape mod from scratch sorry guys, dont worry ive had time at the weekend to make a shed load of changes which are definately for the better, trust me, ill be leaving my original pics up for comparisons

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