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Since ive finally bought a high end pc I decided to go and get a few games that ive not been allowed to play, so on Saturday I went an bought a few one of them being Borderlands...
Im loving the whole shooting and looting style of gameplay with its funky almost XIII style graphics and the crazy little clap-traps that help you along the way. The best part is the weapons: Ive rarely found 2 weapons that are exactly alike (they may look or be named alike but check the stats) The best weapon i found so far (just for sheer funniness) was a pistol that shot fireworks that bounced until hitting a fleshy target. Another EPIC weapon was a 20 barrled shotgun that fired homing missiles but with my soldier perk that gave me 50% magazine increase made it that lil bit cooler.
One of the fun things to do so far is the free-running (parkour). Dont bother with the buggies just run instead, ive been able to pull off some cool jumps and been able to find certain 'sweet' spots that either make a good sniping spot or have had rare stuff hidden there and I like games that reward the explorative player.
The co-op gameplay is fun, I just dont know how to get the headset working on my controller in game, if you start a server you can either start it afresh or start it afresh with your previous character which then levels up all the enemies in game aswell. Or you could just start a server with the previous game and go around finishing off bounties etc. The trading system (or lack of) is a bit poo, you have to drop it on the ground then hope that they drop theirs aswell otherwise its gone forever so just be careful who you play with. On my server ive had alot of people join and play for hours because im not a normal gamer I dont follow the rules and I like to make my own way from A to B, so theyve stayed just to see what I come up with next. I always give away the good stuff as im happy with my arsenal, so come join me on my server and recieve plenty of gifts, money and a shit-load of experience, just either add me on Borderlands itself or private message me on here with your details and ill add you.

My details below:
Username: ZeroCreatorz
Server name: youWONTdie

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