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I'm Zed. I'm a wanna-bee Games Programmer and I really hope for that dream to come true!
I am going to start blogging (possibly daily?) with interesting shit. And yeah, I know this one isn't interesting - but hey, we'll build on it. We will.

So, I am prepared to dedicate my life to Gaming and Programming. At the moment I code in HTML, CSS and PHP. I know the HTML and CSS is easy, but the PHP certainly has a few things that I find hard.

After I finish my courses and I can program in C++ and Java (I've began a fair bit of both so far) I'm going to go on a job hunt for a small games development company and live my dream. Who knows? I might be developing the best game to come (ever!).

At the moment I'm playing: Mortal Online.

Mortal Online is an awesome Sandbox game where you can do just about anything... The setting is absolutely beautiful and the way that you can see the mountains in the distance is just phenomenal.
I haven't achieved a lot on the game as I've only been playing for a few days, but it's going well!
There's quite literally a skill for everything. You'll be running around and your breathing skill will increase.
Your constantly gaining skills.

I have to say the graphics don't suit me. I'm used to playing Games which have a much higher detail amount. On MO, you have detail on things around you for about 2 meters. If that makes sense? The rest is blurry but I think it goes quite well.

I make my money through picking up Bor and other useful items, selling them to NPC's. I tend to pick it on the route from Tindrem to Mer-thingy. That's right, I don't even know the names of some places. But hey, it's just south of Tindrem.

I successfully tamed a Donkey yesterday! Infact, I tamed two. I know right?

So to conclude, I'm going to start blogging about my adventures of gaming. I'm setting up a YouTube account to do Gaming Reviews. Inc. Mods.

G'day! :D

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