Robert T. Clemmons jr. (otherwise known as xhunterko on the internet) is a single, solitary lonely dev who still lives with his parents. He lives in the backwoods country of Fairfield, Illinois. He has been making prototypes and the occasional game in the past (at least since 2001, not sure if earlier). Growing up, he used to make custom Sonic levels on paper, played with legos, and swung a sword around in the family's small woods pretending to be Link. (He still plays with legos, and has no intention of stopping. Much to his mother's dismay.) To his credit, he thinks he has at least 9 games done. (Though four are probably just prototypes.) He also has a huge backend of ideas of which he hopes to make someday. He also aspires to be a writer and a good cartoonist. He also likes the occasional airsoft match. And still doesn't have his license (30).

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Here's what Tribute looks like right now (except, that the smaller water square is red now):

Let's try this again. Here's the said water effect.... on Twitpic

Right, I got it, nothing special right? So, let me give you a list of what happens now:

-The player (red outline) can move around in the environment
-The camera scrolls with the player
-The player collides with the tilemap
-Other objects scroll with the tilemap
-The red bar(power) decreases with mouse pressing
-The black bar(fuel, not visible) is working okay with the back end numbers
-The water has a wave like effect that you see, though it's not meshed with the tilemap at the moment

To do:

-Add a glow/blur effect to lava*
-Add glow/blur to interactive objects*
-Objects that break apart into smaller objects
-Shop/repair area
-Add recycling building (extra cash)
-Add simple lighting effect
-Add power to pick up objects with the mouse
-Add area effect effects (gravity changes, lighting, etc)
-Add snow
-Add particles jumping up from lava
-Add shielded area
-Add background gradient
-Other smaller features

The reason I have the top two starred is that those are slightly more difficult to pull off if flixel then the other features. All the others have been done before, and will go by quickly. It's just that when it comes to those specific features, I've just banged my head up against a wall. So, I'm going to first go for something simple, like I did with the water. And then maybe write a new class because someone's hinted at doing that before. Anyways. That's enough from me.


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