Robert T. Clemmons jr. (otherwise known as xhunterko on the internet) is a single, solitary lonely dev who still lives with his parents. He lives in the backwoods country of Fairfield, Illinois. He has been making prototypes and the occasional game in the past (at least since 2001, not sure if earlier). Growing up, he used to make custom Sonic levels on paper, played with legos, and swung a sword around in the family's small woods pretending to be Link. (He still plays with legos, and has no intention of stopping. Much to his mother's dismay.) To his credit, he thinks he has at least 9 games done. (Though four are probably just prototypes.) He also has a huge backend of ideas of which he hopes to make someday. He also aspires to be a writer and a good cartoonist. He also likes the occasional airsoft match. And still doesn't have his license (30).

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Ya know what? Hang FGL, I'll put a bid up there later when the games done.

So, what is Tribute? Okay let me ask a few common questions I can think of here.

Again, what is Tribute?

Tribute is a lander type collect-em up game originally designed for the Experimental Gameplay Project's theme.

Will you still keep the theme?

Yeah. It's what spawned the idea right?

What's the game going to be about?

To keep with the games theme, the game is about two characters trying to find 101 objects. They need to find these objects because they are facing a debt of a really large bill. They decide to hop in their spacecraft and tour the planet and scrounge for materials. giving quippy little insights along the way.

What are some features or neat stuff in the game?

Well, since there's two characters in the spacecraft, there are going to be two powers the player can be able to use. The first power is a laser weapon that the female character can use to destroy blocks or obstacles in the way. The second male character is a psychic and can move and toss the destroyed debris out of their way. So you use one character to destroy stuff, and the other character to fling the junk around. The junk can be recycled in a melting pot for extra cash to upgrade the characters powers and make them stronger. Some of these objects are huge blocks of obsidian. Yes you read that correctly. Also, there's a few areas in the game with a bit of history. The characters will try to tell you about them as best they can with hopefully a little humor thrown in. There aren't any enemies in the game to worry about so new players will be able to get a feel for it too.

No enemies? Okay, this is a lander game right? So at least the terrain will kill you right?

I'm actually debating this at the moment. I have to figure out the best way to include landing zones or pads and try to figure out if I want the player to die or not. But as it stands right now I don't want the game to be too difficult.

So why isn't this a platformer/ has better art?

Gasp! You want to work on a 2 and a half week game for free? Really? Really? Sorry, when it comes to discussing art in that manner it's a bit of a sore spot. But anyways, the games project scope is 2-2 and a half weeks at the most. That means I'm not going to fuss over the artwork and get it as good as I possibly can in such a short notice. Which meant not wanting to worry about character art and not having to worry about anatomy issues.

Who are these characters and where does their world come from?

I'll post more on that in another blog post. But to begin with, these characters come from the ashes of a hand drawn, black and white, epic metroidvania platformer that never got off the ground. So their history and backstory will be based upon that.

Will there be music?

Only if I have time and the game calls for it. As it is, I'm trying to utilize sound as much as possible.

What platforms will the game be for?

The game is only going to be available on Flash.

All righty, that's all I can think of off the top of my head. If you think I can answer a question you may have then please post it in the comments below!

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