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RSS Development blog: Tags feature

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As always we're chipping away at our to-do list behind the scenes to keep adding features for our community, and if you have recently been to the edit page for many of the sites areas you would have probably seen our new Tags tab.


Whilst nothing on the site is currently using these tags this will change in the near future when we start incorporating it into the following areas:

  • Our big events such as Mod/Indie of the year
  • Competitions/giveaways
  • Filtering content when browsing
  • Notifying other projects and site members
  • and more

Essentially this post is just to let you know that while adding these tags doesn't appear to do a whole lot in terms of the sites functionality - we will be using the tags feature to integrate future features on the site! We've got a lot in the pipeline at the moment and are looking forward to gradually rolling out more and more features for our community. We do encourage you in the meantime to apply any relevant tags to your new and existing submissions.

As always if you do have any recommendations for features we should add to the site, you're welcome to send me a private message/email and can also post recommendations on our GitHub page. Till next time!

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