I am pacifist type guy who strangely enough like destruction,chaos,war etc.When i see war, i always though sometime when peace cannot achieve by democracy and etc, war is always the last resort..... PEACE THROUGH POWER AND ONE VISION, ONE PURPOSE!!!!!!

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Puff Most Epic Ch. 1 P. 1by ~BeeAre

"Puff Most Epic"
Written by RuffDraft
Concept, Direction, and Editing by BeeAre
"Powerpuff Girls" Created by Craig McCracken

Chapter One - The City of Townsville

Fleeting and unappreciated, sometimes even for those that it is dear.
Most hold the sweet notion that life is enjoyment.
Perhaps they are right, and the spices truly are what engage us at our core.
Perhaps they are wrong, and everything that was once nice will be left empty.
Only reason could tell.
For what good could come of our world without reason?

Part One - A Storm of Strength and Steel

It has been eight long years since we last saw our heroines, the Powerpuff Girls. Much has happened since then, and the city is now in extreme disrepair. A large portion of the city has been destroyed, and the streets are bare, save for the citizens who still live there, scurrying around like rodents trying to survive in a concrete jungle. Between the Girls and the Military, the people weren't sure which was worse by now. But for the past few months, she had been missing, and she had been comatose, and now she was back, and seeking revenge.

Of the three, she had been the most dangerous. After what had happened-and news spread fast in the underground; they all knew about it down there-the threat she posed to criminals of any sort had folded over many, many times.

More than just her presence, this girl had changed the foundation of the city's unlawful element forever. Though they heard about her resurrection, they didn't know anything else. The city had been barricaded by the National Guard, and now that she was awake, they were ready to withdraw.

But their questions remained unanswered, even as time went on.

A mole was needed, but as of yet, unavailable.

Just down the street, where the military blockade started and then ended in fences surrounding the worst part of the city-the part that had been torn down in order to save the rest-there was an alleyway.

In that alleyway, down from the corner of 2nd and March Street, between Carl's Sporting Goods and Frank's Meat Market, a man stood dressed in rags, peering through the fading gray haze of the evening.

The man, his mind focused on his goal, poked his head cautiously from the alley and started to cross the street. His name was Mark, and he was trying to find enough food to feed his family, a block and a half away, in another alley, halfway down Bank Street. He could afford no one to interrupt him, and he hoped that his fears of being spotted-by friend or by foe-would not come true.

There was a loud clanking sound, like someone had hit a baseball with a steel bat, and it had come from the park. A streak of green trailed across the sky, and the familiar hum of energy whined in tune with it. Mark stared up at it in horror and darted into the nearest alleyway.

She'd come back.

But he was not her target. Buttercup didn't even see him. She had just been hit and was careening across the sky. She righted herself and shot back at the monstrosity before her. It was gigantic, its eye glowing red, a spherical, polished metal body, and four large, smooth tree-trunk-thick tendrils that whipped around it with speed that didn't match its overwhelming size. When they did, it appeared to take on four more arms; it became a metal octopus-or perhaps a spider-engineered for the sole purpose of destruction. It lurched forward, coming at her with amazing speed.

But she was faster...when she needed to be. She shot towards the robot, dodging several of its swings, spiraling in and latching on to its body, staring fiercely, glaring into its one eye.

"WHERE IS SHE?! GIVE HER BACK!!" Her fist slammed into the eye, but did no damage.

Unable to reply to this ultimatum, the metallic octopus simply swung its two hind legs up and knocked her simultaneously on both sides of her head. She clutched her temples in pain and it flipped backwards, batting her once more up into the air. Stunned, disoriented, spinning out of control, she struggled to right herself and to get rid of the sound of bells and whistles in her ear.

It leapt up at her, calculating its next move with ruthless efficiency. As it came within range of its target, it swung hard, but in that instant, Buttercup regained her sense of balance in the air, ignored the bells and whistles in her head and managed to block the swinging bionic arm, stopping its movement, and aimed a blow at the robot's body. The air around her punch rippled outwards and the robotic terror was shot like a huge cannonball into a small building on the edge of the city. It crashed through the building, dragging itself into the streets below. A few vagrants fled hastily in an attempt to get away from the destruction. The menace got to its feet and looked up at the sky where Buttercup had been, but she was no longer there. It processed a thousand complex and intricate calculations of probability in a split second and moved just as Buttercup swung in with a hard right, missing it by mere inches.

It swung, catching her off guard and sent her sprawling once again into the air. It launched itself after her, as if its frame weighed nothing, and used another building as a springboard, shooting up higher as Buttercup struggled to right herself.

It swung to its left and spun as fast as the rotor of a helicopter, positioning itself over Buttercup's body in midair, took aim, and fired a beam of molten plasma at her. She darted under the wave, flying along an empty street of ruined buildings, desperate to avoid contact with the fire. She knew the damage it would do to her and was desperate to get away.

The robot fell though the plasma unharmed, and turned to face the Powerpuff. From one of its legs, it fired a steel ball attached to a great wire. The plasma had her trapped where she was, and she thought she had no other option. She took the brunt of the attack, and caught the steel ball in her arms.

She didn't realize the mistake before she had made it; as soon as it was in her arms, she was bathed in a terrible, blinding light.

It seemed to her as if it were coming in slow-motion, as if time had nearly stopped as the scarlet light enveloped her. She could feel the intense heat of the blast, even as it crept over her, and with it came an intense pain. For a moment, she couldn't move. Her mouth opened, but no sound came out, and her eyes went wide, then shut as the pain was too much for her. The air that was trapped in her lungs came out then, as a roar, an agonized scream, and she couldn't think of anything else. The pain erased all other sensations, even thought, as it tore through her mind. And then, following the pain, came the only other sensation that she associated with pain:


Her eyes ripped open, and she saw her enemy before her. In that instant, with the robot still on the attack, she tore upwards, striking the ball away, which threw the machine off-balance and stopped its discharge even as it readied another strike. The pain stopped, and she could clearly see her target. Her anger, still blazing, burned hotter than the plasma still lingering on her skin, and her body gave off an emerald hue as she surged forward, hellbent on destruction.

She dodged another swing and kicked it into the air, like she were punting a football. She flew after it, and it swung wildly, but none of its attacks connected. She wove around them, and hit it again, climbing higher as it was launched further into the sky.

Danger levels were rising, and the robot plotted its next move.

It spun forward, leaping in the air, trying to spike her like a volleyball, but in that instant, its movements stopped. Buttercup was holding on to its leg, and kept it there for a brief moment before letting it drop. It seemed to hover in midair for an instant before falling, and she moved on top of it before it could even form a plan.

It saw her, and searched futilely for an escape. It recognized that the danger was too great, and by that time, it had already lost.

Flying at supersonic speed into its body, Buttercup delivered blow after blow of her super-powered punches as if she were a living jackhammer. She darted to the other side, repeating her attack, and again at another angle, changing its momentum in different directions several times before she raised her leg over her head and brought it down directly on its body. And as it plummeted, she raced with it, her fists flying.

There was an explosive shockwave, and the robot's metal frame cracked, fractured, and shattered, sending shrapnel scattering into the air around her.

She stood with one fist embedded in the robot's eye. In slow motion, it seemed, she was shattering it like a beautiful crimson firework. The red glass sprayed up into the air as the rest of the robot plummeted to the ground like a twisted meteor.

All was silent except for the occasional sound of sparking electrical circuits........

Credits: BeeAre


wait I know this one

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