My name is David Lundvall, a game developer from Sweden. I started doing level design in 1998 after playing a lot of Quake 2 and Half-Life, my favorite games. Quake 2 with an addictive multiplayer and Half-Life with its immersive single player experience. And coffee is nice. :)

RSS Spherical Nightmares, first playtest.

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During a week or two Spherical Nightmares has been sent out and tested by the largest number of people yet. Most of them participated and overall I received great reports to work from. A large number of "bugs" have been added to the todo/bitch list. Things that I need to fix before releasing the mod. Some people went further than just answering the questions I needed to be answered. They provided more feedback. That's really appreciated and definitely something I will address.
Something that I realized after this round of feedback, was that I need one more round of playtesting. That has already been arranged. It's needed in order to secure that the build is free from showstoppers and bugs due to the pretty large number of tweaks I will add. This weekend I will work through the list of bugs and hopefully have something improved on Sunday evening.

The next playtest will hopefully be held in a week or two. I am still waiting on all the results to come in from the first round. I have updated the mod's page with a news post: Successful playtesting!

Have a great weekend everyone!

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